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10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews]

    The truck battery is slightly different from the car or SUV batteries in terms of its power and efficiency.  Heavy-duty diesel batteries should be powerful enough to carry on with the requirements of energy by the truck. But it is not easy to find out a suitable battery for your truck running on diesel.

    To help you overcome this hurdle we have compiled a review article on the best battery for a dodge diesel truck. So, if you are in search of a battery that can run your diesel truck? One filled with plenty of power and energy? Read our article to find a trustworthy companion for your truck!

    Are you hurried enough to miss out on our review article? Hold on! Stay here for a while and have a glimpse of our top pick to determine the best candidate for your bucks. Optima Batteries 8020-164 is the most powerful battery for your Dodge diesel truck. It is offering 520 pulse hot cracking amperes with a 40% more reserve capacity than the ordinary batteries. It is an AGM battery with lead-acid cell composition and SAE terminals.

    Reviews Of The Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck

    If you are looking for having the best and most suitable battery for your diesel trucks then go through the following review to determine the potential candidates. Given below are the top ten diesel batteries considered best for powering a dodge diesel truck. So, run down the article to have the right one picked for your vehicle.

    Product NameFeaturesPrice On Amazon
    Optima Batteries 8020-164520 PHCA, 40% more reserve capacity CHECK PRICE
    ODYSSEY PC680950 amp, 145 min capacity ratingCHECK PRICE
    Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78750 amp, 120 min capacity ratingCHECK PRICE
    Optima Batteries OPT8002-002800 amp, 100 min capacity ratingCHECK PRICE
    ACDelco 94RAGMVent Cap, calcium lead positive grid CHECK PRICE
    Delphi BU9094R800 amp, 140 min capacity ratingCHECK PRICE
    Optima Batteries 8037-127830 amp, 140 min capacity ratingCHECK PRICE
    Odyssey PC925MJT330 amp, 53 incapacity ratingCHECK PRICE
    XS Power D3400 XS1000 amp, AGM battery, 12 VoltsCHECK PRICE
    NORTHSTAR Pure Lead840 amp, 158 incapacity ratingCHECK PRICE

    Let’s look at their detailed reviews:


    1. Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 1


    • Speedy charge-up
    • The impressive operation even during winter
    • Spill-proof AGM design
    • 36 months replacement warranty


    • Not designed for deep cycle
    • Questionable Durability

    When in search of a battery loaded with Savage power then optima brand is where you should look for. This brand strives to develop batteries boasting ultimate power and uncompromising performance. The Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 of this company outstands other standard batteries with its unparalleled performance even during the harsh climate.


    Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 has a heavy-duty grey-colored plastic exterior with a red rooftop. With 31.7 pounds beefy weight, this battery operates for a smooth start-up of engines. It’s mostly used as a truck battery or automotive battery and provides great burst whenever required.

    This is a lead-acid battery that has been crafted to be spillproof and ensures consistent performance every time. It can be mounted in your trucks, streetcars, and even SUVs in any position. To optimize its durability, it has been designed to be vibration-resistant up to 15 times as compared to the standard batteries.

    Opening up this battery, you will find spiral cell technology brilliantly incorporated into it. This technology assists in the optimal performance of this battery. You will find 2 pure lead plates glazed with lead oxide. One lead plate acts as an anode while the other acts as a cathode. They both function to boosts up the battery’s performance.

    Batteries that provide greater reserve capacity are known to have an extended life span. The Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 features up to 90 minutes of reserve capacity which upgrades its life up to 2 times as compared to the standard batteries.


    Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 is an impressive device mostly used by trucks and streetcars for the smooth starting of the engine. Its spiral cell technology, impressive reserve capacity, and speedy recharging make it the best battery for a dodge diesel truck!


    2. ODYSSEY PC680 Battery

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 2


    • Durable
    • Zero spillage
    • Good price


    • Reserve capacity is short

    When Web surfing for good car batteries, you might have crossed paths with Odyssey brand and why won’t you have since it’s the oldest brand that has been in effect since 1888. Its car batteries are known for their zero-spillage design. The Odyssey PC680 is a leader  When it comes to its durability and sturdy design. Its powerful burst and Unyielding performance make it the top dog!


    Whether it’s sweaty summer or freezing winter, the Odyssey PC680 can provide your vehicle with uninterrupted power performance. It’s an ideal option for you especially when you live in colder regions. The reason is because of its high 170 cold-cranking amps. This battery excels in providing an effortless powerful start-up of your vehicle’s engines.

    In terms of its impressive design, you will be bewildered to see its sturdy and tough built-up. The battery overall has been made spillproof and delivers great vibration-resistance which in return optimize its durability and toughness. It’s a lead-acid battery with weight of15.4 pounds.

    Opening it up, you will find dual pure lead plates with a great lead oxide coating. These two plates act as anode and cathode hence ensuring steady and powerful performance. With comparing with other deep cycle batteries, you will find that Odyssey PC680  offers a 70% longer life cycle. Its tendency to provide a uniform voltage at longer intervals of time is surely remarkable.

    To top it off, Odyssey PC680 features a fast recharge rate. It can reach its full 100% charging in just 4 to 6 hrs. Its exceptional design and durability, as well as its powerful performance, make it the best battery for a dodge diesel truck!


    Odyssey PC680 is a powerful, spill-proof design lead-acid battery that provides optimal power at all times!


    3. Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 3


    • Good service life
    • Great reserve capacity
    • Good durability
    • Great price


    • A bit bulky

    This battery comes with a yellow rooftop as compared to the one mentioned above. Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 is another innovative invention of the brand which has been designed to provide great power to your automobiles. This multi-purpose outshines other conventional batteries with its low self-discharge. Let’s glance through its versatile features.


    Known to deliver uninterrupted performance whether it’s winter or summer, the Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78Comes with a remarkable polypropylene grey casing. This casing is so durable that it keeps the battery safe and makes it spill and vibration-proof hence it will surely last long.

    In terms of its appearance, its graceful looks will surely provoke you to spend your buck on it. Its yellow rooftop, grey casing, and beautifully painted brand logo elevate its overall worth. With 43.5 pound weight, the beast is known to power up plenty of heavy-duty vehicles and tons of factory electronics like stereo/AV systems.

    Anyhow, it features spectacular spiral cell technology which keeps the power in check and provides you with steady and uninterrupted power. With 120 minutes of reserve capacity, this optima battery boasts a low self-discharge rate as compared to other standard batteries. Similarly, it provides great performance in all seasons whether it’s winter or summer.

    The 15 times greater resistance provided by it outshines the standard car batteries.  Although it’s a bit bulky yet it’s a good and tough battery that will never disappoint you. A battery worth Investing in!


    Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 is not only able to provide great performance but also the impressive low discharge feature as well. Its unparalleled and unique features make it the best battery for a dodge diesel truck.


    4. Optima Batteries OPT8002-002

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 4


    • Impressive 800 cold-cranking amps
    • 100 minutes impressive reserve capacity
    • Lightweight
    • Good power


    • Complains about its longevity

    Your car needs the energy to work. You can just consider the battery as its food and the engine as its stomach. With a filled stomach, the car will surely function properly. Optima Batteries OPT8002-002 34 is one such battery that can effectively start your vehicle no matter how worse the weather is. This battery has been brilliantly engineered for effective functioning indeed.


    This optima 34 redtop is not only good-looking but with its tough polypropylene casing, it’s resistant towards all sorts of tortures. No matter the vibrations or shocks, this beast can withstand all and still boast good performance.

    The weight of this chunky battery is 39.7 pounds. With its compatible 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches dimensions, this puppy can be fitted into virtually any vehicle. Its specially designed for SUVs, hot rods, and streetcars. Its uncompromising power will make your journey fluid and comfortable.

    Optima 34 rooftop is a 12 V battery that has about 800 cold-cranking amps. These amps tell you their performance in harsh cold winter. Such amps indicate that its performance is marvelous. Similarly, this battery sports a reserve capacity of about 100 minutes.

    With the brilliant spiral cell technology installed in it, the Optima 34 redtop provides you with great and steady power indeed. It features a 50h C20 capacity. In terms of its resistance and maintenance, the battery is 15 times more resilient to vibrations. However, there have been some complaints about the battery expiring after 2 years.


    Optima Batteries OPT8002-002 34 is a good battery with a refined design and robust power. However, its longevity in question makes you consider another option for your vehicle.


    5. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive Battery

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 5


    • Absorbed glass mat design
    • 100% leakproof
    • 100% spillproof
    • Great acid circulation


    • Works with only AGM automobiles

    Plenty of automobile owners consider installing AGM batteries in their vehicles. When you think of installing an AGM battery, then certainly you will stumble upon the ACDelco brand which is a world leader when it comes to generating great AGM batteries. The ACDelco 94R is one such product that boasts great quality and power.


    The ACDelco 94R features a great glass mat structure that is spill-proof and provides your vehicle with great power. Boasting optimal performance, this battery is the best choice for your AGM-compatible vehicle indeed. Weighing 51.6 pounds, this 12 V  ACDelco 94R is best compatible with AGM vehicles.

    With a perfectly sturdy chassis, The ACDelco 94R boasts good battery life and performance with its silver/alloy battery cell composition. The negative paste within it ensures consistency in performance. It features decent receptive and cycling performance and is the best battery for a dodge diesel truck.

    With the brilliant glass mat separator, the overall electrolytes within the battery don’t leak away as they are firmly held within the separator. This absorbed glass mat design makes it perfectly spillproof and leakproof indeed! It has Ca / Pb (+ grid) which provides you with enormous conductivity.

    In an attempt to prolong its battery life, The ACDelco 94R features an envelope separator that assists in optimized acid circulation and prevents the battery from overheating. The acid circulation keeps the battery cool. With the vent cap design, no need to worry about acid leakage.


    The ACDelco 94R has considerable cycling and receptive ability. It’s resistant to acid leakage and features good acid circulation to prevent its overheating. Considering its good features, it would be an excellent purchase for you.


    6. Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 6


    • AGM replacement
    • Enhanced OEM
    • Better cycle life
    • Quick recharging


    • May die permanently

    Delphi is another popular brand for producing some of the finest quality batteries on the market. This manufacturing line is affirmed at launching the efficient batteries at an affordable price and coming with sufficient power. All of their batteries are feature enriched and will be a great initiative for the working and effectiveness of trucks and any other automobile.


    This Delphi diesel battery is offering a whole plethora of compatible features that are supporting a range of the latest truck models. This brand is well-known for its OEM batteries which are the most compatible battery type with diesel trucks. This is an AGM battery with marine terminals and lead-acid cell composition.

    This AGM battery will provide the extended range of cold cranking amperes which is of the value of 800 amperes per second and this is the most suitable range both in terms of price and performance. Speaking Performance wise this 800 CCA value is a very efficient one and is also not very heavy on the pocket.

    This battery lies in the 94R group of reverse terminal batteries and has a reserve capacity of 140 minutes. The battery is also famous for its vibration resistance of 20 times more resistance than the average batteries coming at the same price tag.


    This AGM battery is a worthy option for powering your diesel truck and is offering an 800 cold cranking ampere rating which is good enough for both cold and warm regions. The reserve capacity of 140 minutes is also one of the highest ratings in the market and will prove to be a wise choice.


    7. Optima Batteries 8037-127 Starting and Deep Cycle Battery


    • Vibration resistance
    • Flexible mounting
    • Zero spillage
    • Maintenance-free
    • Quick recharging


    • Low Cold crack amperes

    Are you looking for some reliable and powerful batteries for your dodge diesel trucks? There are countless options for this category and many of them are good enough for the requirements that require you to spend on efficient and effective tools. Optima is one such brand that is that has the highest number of diesel batteries sold out in the market.


    These optima batteries are not just popular based on their stocks and sales but rather this fame and are based on the customers’ trust and critiques’ appreciation. Most of their products are reliable enough to be used for a diverse range of applications be it mounting inside an automobile or using it externally for powering the electronic appliances through the generator.

    This battery is a non-spillage battery featuring a promised zero spillage and has flexible mounting patterns. Mounting the battery inside the truck is the most critical element for determining the battery compatibility and this battery is fulfilling this requirement based on its flexible mounting approach. This flexible approach allows mounting the battery in any possible direction such as horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, or any other direction possible.

    This is a significant way of ensuring size and model compatibility. The Cca value of the battery is good enough for effective performance. The deep cycle life of the battery and resistance is another appealing feature with a vibration resistance of 15% more than ordinary batteries.


    This zero spilling battery with flexible mounting and the deep cycle is a great diesel battery for your trucks and offers two times more battery life than the rivals at the same price.


    8. Odyssey PC925MJT Automotive and LTV Battery

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 7


    • Non-spilling
    • Vibration resistance
    • Flexible mounting
    • Post-sale services up to ten years


    • May cause Low voltage

    After Optima Odyssey is the most popular brand in the diesel battery kin and is highly preferred among the customers and critiques due to its notable features and technical specs matching with the latest truck models.


    This odyssey battery is a non-spilling battery with a flexible mount and allows for mounting the battery inside the truck hood in virtually any direction and orientation. It is a highly portable battery that is only 26 pounds in its weight and can easily be carried along with your device as either any extra option or the mounted mani battery powering the dodge diesel truck.

    This is although a small and lightweight battery that has a longer life span than most of the competitors at a similar price tag. This battery life is almost 70 times longer than the rest and offers 400 cycles at the rate of 80$ depth of ampere discharge,

    The vibration resistance of the battery is also good enough for its effectiveness and efficiency to power heavy-duty trucks. The quick recharging is the most praiseworthy feature of the battery and allows for 100% recharge within 4 to 6 hours.


    This small yet efficient diesel battery is offering cold crank amperes of 330 with a nominal capacity of 28 amperes and 20 hours. This battery offers 3 to 10 years of post-sale services depending upon the model and parts of the diesel truck.


    9. XS Power D3400 High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt

    10 Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck in 2022 [Top Reviews] 8


    • Sealed battery
    • Don’t need venting
    • M6 terminal bolts
    • Best for powering sound systems


    • Warranty does not apply to all products

    If you are looking for changing the type of your diesel battery or deciding to upgrade the model then you must go for the immensely popular AGM batteries which are nowadays the highly reliable and efficient tool for powering your automobiles. This battery is one such popular option among the diesel dodge batteries that are offering high CCA value and reserve capacity for powerful action.


    This battery is renowned for its external applications other than truck powering and the most notable of these applications is its use with sound systems. Sound systems are usually used in camping trips and hiking journeys in remote areas where there are least chances of utility lines or direct power source.

    The weight of this chunky battery is 39.7 pounds. With its compatible 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches dimensions, this puppy can be in those remote conditions, these diesel batteries tend to act as the backup power source which is much demanded and highly reliable in its working. These batteries provide power to many different appliances such as sound systems. this is not all about this powerful device.

    It has a cold crank capacity of 100 amperes which is the highest in our selection of dodge diesel batteries and the reserve capacity of 158 minutes is also the highest one. This allows the battery to be suited for use in colder regions where the temperature usually drops below the freezing point and initiating the spark is a difficulty for most automobiles.


    This battery is an efficient tool that is offering you a deep cycle strength of 1000 CCA and RC of 158.this battery has 20% more vibration resistance and is 100 percent secured against spillage.


    10. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead 27 Battery NSB-AGM27


    • Best for cold areas
    • High reserve capacity
    • Extended battery life


    • Bulky

    NORTHSTAR is a powerful lineup of diesel batteries that is world-famous for their high crank capacity batteries and is long-lasting battery life. This brand is known for its quality and powerful working performance.


    This is a bulky battery that gives glimpses of a heavy-duty battery having sufficient power to run heavy0duty automobiles. The crank capacity of the battery is 840 amperes at zero degrees Fahrenheit with the pulse cranking amperes of 1650 amperes.

    The reserve capacity of the battery is 158 minutes which is allowing the vehicle to run a range of appliances and electronic devices that need sufficient power and efficiency. The battery life of the battery is 20 hours which is complemented by fast recharging.

    This 12-volt battery is coming with L4 terminals and is designed in such a way to offer high output allowing a steady power flow through the connected applications. The only downside of the battery is that it may wear down quickly and die out permanently which could be a disaster for the vehicle.


    This battery is good enough to offer its users a range of high-end features that are complimenting its zero spillage capacity and flexible mounting.


    Buying Guide – Things To Look For In The Best Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck

    There is an increasing number of good batteries available in the market that have enough power and efficiency to let you smoothly drive your diesel truck. The market is not short of choices and this is a potential benefit for picky users who will not be satisfied with anything less than the best. But having too many choices complicates the task of finding the right one and may tire you out in rolling out the incompetent models.

    The best solution for that purpose is to determine the product having the most necessary features and compatible technical specifications with your device. In this way, you can choose which product is suitable for your vehicle and which is not. But this is a tiresome task and may wear you down in selecting the ideal one.

    To help you overcome this hurdle, we have compiled this comprehensive buying guide. Here you can go through the necessary features to look upon in the best battery for a dodge diesel truck. So go through it to have the right and suitable one picked for your compatible vehicle.


    Size of the battery is an important consideration before heading for the purchase of any battery be it diesel or any other battery driving car or SUV. This is because the size will determine the safety level and compatibility of the battery and the vehicle. Before buying the battery, it is mandatory to ensure that the size of the battery is similar to the size of the OEM battery of the truck.

    As the size is significant for the safety of the automobile, it should not touch the hood of the ruck and there should be a clearance distance of 3 to 4 inches between the truck hood and the mounted battery. Apart from that, the model of the truck, its manufacturing year, and design will be considered to select the ideal size of the battery that is compatible with that model of the vehicle.

    Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA)

    Cold-cranking capacity is another highly considered aspect of truck batteries. This is particularly more important for the cold regions. This is because the CCA value will determine at how much temperature the ampere will be flowing through the wires and ports of the truck. The higher the value, the better a truck can perform in colder areas.

    If the truck is supposed to be driven in warm regions where there are fewer chances of frost or freezing temperatures, it is wise to go with a battery that has low CCA value and save your bucks. Technically speaking CCA value determines the value of amperes produced within 30 seconds of starting the truck at the rate of 7.2 amperes per second.

    Reserve Capacity (RC)

    Reserve capacity is a variant determining the runtime of the battery for discharging the current at the rate of 2.5 amperes. Reserve capacity is significant in determining the number of electronic appliances that can be powered by the diesel battery, be it within the automobile or externally. The highest reserve capacity in any diesel battery comes in the AGM batteries which have an 80% higher RC value than the average rivals in the market.

    FAQs – Battery For Dodge Diesel Truck

    What is the best battery for my diesel truck?

    The batteries rated top so far are optima red rooftop batteries which are Optima Batteries 8078-109 78 and Optima Batteries 8025-160 25

    How many volts should a diesel truck battery have?

    Your diesel truck should have a battery of 12.6 volts or above. While the truck is functioning, its voltage should be between 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

    Why are there 2 batteries in a diesel truck?

    The dual battery system in the diesel truck provides extra power and burst to your diesel engine. It takes more power to make the diesel engine work so two batteries are installed in the diesel truck.

    Which battery do you charge on a diesel?

    Mostly the batteries in the diesel are 12 V batteries. If the diesel truck has a dual battery system then they may be connected in parallel formation. You will most probably find optima batteries fixed into the truck as they are very common.

    How do you charge a diesel truck battery?

    For charging up your diesel truck, you have to install the battery terminals with the help of red and black clamps of the battery. Just connect one clamp like a red-coloured one with one battery and the black-coloured one with another. Start the engine and the batteries would start charging.


    This review article has provided you with a deep insight into the dodge diesel batteries. After going through it in detail, you can be rest assured to find out the best diesel battery for your truck or any other automobile. This article has provided you with a review of the top ten diesel batteries for a dodge diesel truck.

    All of these batteries are powerful and efficient with a sufficient number of cold cranking amperes and reserve capacity. These batteries have flexible mounting requirements and can be effectively used for many coming years without any worry. We have also provided you with a detailed buying on to help you look out for necessary features. The FAQs section provided at the end will resolve your queries, if any, about the diesel batteries for trucks.

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