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Best Low Profile Truck Tool Box in 2022 [Top Reviews]

    If you are a contractor, in construction or just love keeping your tools organized, then this review might tick a few boxes for you. For many of the professions that we have listed, your truck might be your best friend.

    This means that any Tool-Box you get will need to be in sync with your mode of transportation. That is why you might be on the lookout for the best low-profile truck Tool-Box options around! Lucky for you, we have made the effort to list out a few of the best options out there for your convenience.

    So sit back and read through our detailed review to get the best pick to suit your needs. Feeling a little apprehensive of the technical specifications? We’ve got your back with our informative buying guide and list of important and frequently asked questions just for that!

    For all those readers who are short on time, we also recommend that you check out the Dee Zee DZ8170LB Tool-Box that our top quick pick. This Tool-Box has been made to be resilient and sturdy. This can be seen by its construction and the fact that it has internal bends for strength.

    Before you start reading away, we recommend that you also go over this handy comparison chart as well:

    Title: Best Low Profile Truck Tool-Box- A Perfect Guide

    Best Low Profile Truck Tool-BoxFeaturesCheck Price
    Lund 79460T 60-InchTool-BoxLow profile designCheck Price
    UWS EC10451 69-InchTool-BoxSturdy constructionCheck Price
    Dee Zee DZ8170LB Tool-BoxDurable and resilientCheck Price
    Weather Guard Matte Saddle BoxExtremely protectedCheck Price
    Better Built 73010911 Tool-BoxWeighs 53 poundsCheck Price
    Lund 288272Tool-BoxDurable ConstructionCheck Price
    Weather Guard 131501 Saddle BoxEasy access lidCheck Price
    Lund 7111002LP Tool-BoxResistant to rustingCheck Price
    UWS 69-inch Tool-BoxWeighs 59 poundsCheck Price
    Better Built 70-Inch Tool-BoxExtremely lightweightCheck Price




    Lund 79460T 60-Inch Tool-Box


    • Low profile design
    • Sturdy and stylish
    • Extra storage space
    • Durable and rust-resistant


    • Limited lifetime warranty

    The first item on today’s list of the best lo-profile truck Tool-Box is called the Lund 79460T 60-Inch Tool-Box. This is an exceptionally well-built product that is compact, durable, and adds in extra storage space for your benefit. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the main features!

    The first thing you notice with this product is that this is quite the stylish Tool-Box for use. It might not be a major decision-making factor however, it is certainly a nice touch. With its diamond-plated black finish and aluminum construction, you are making quite the investment.

    Of course, as is the main motive for today, this Tool-Box has a low-profile that is around 60-inch so this cross bed truck Tool-Box will not get in your way. Place it in the back of most open trucks or their trunks and you should be good to go.

    Another feature that we love about this device is the fact that it is completely resistant to rusting and corrosion. This is due to its electrostatically applied finish that ensures that this Tool-Box can take a beating! It won’t dent that easily and will be great in the back of your pickup even if it rains.

    As we mentioned earlier, you will get an ample amount of storage space within this for all your tools and even your lunch box if necessary! It is secure as well so your precious goods are safe as well. The only real drawback here is that this device has a lifetime warranty but unfortunately it is limited.


    UWS EC10451 69-Inch Tool-Box


    • Sturdy construction
    • Convenient storage options
    • Long-lasting handles
    • Binding and secure lid


    • Prone to denting

    Moving on, we have the UWS EC10451 69-Inch Tool-Box that is an exceptionally formidable pick for the best low-profile truck Tool-Box. This product offers the perfect amount of storage space and that is made possible by its multiple options. This includes built-in screwdriver holders and a tool tray.

    This not only ensures that your tools are always within easy access and range but also ensures that you can keep your things organized much better. Other than this, we also see that there is quite a sturdy construction on this device. For starters, we can look at its lid.

    The lid in question has been designed with their RigidCore technology that helps make sure you get a perfectly sealed and tight lid to keep dust and debris out and your belongings within safe. Apart from the RigidCore technology, there is also solid foam that reduces any binding.

    Of course, just like every other option we have for you today, this is also quite the low-profile design that will not block your rearview and will fit in most trucks. Other than this, we also find that this toolbox has been made with an extra-thick aluminum construction that makes it more durable.

    That being said, this product has received some flak for denting pretty easily. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern as it is otherwise pretty durable. This durability might have something to do with it being made with impressive stainless steel handles.

    These steel padded handles have been designed in a wide-spread design and this allows them to be easier and more comfortable to hold and maneuver.


    Dee Zee DZ8170LB Tool-Box


    • Durable and resilient
    • Strong and rigid design
    • Closed gasket
    • Internal bends


    • Not long-lasting

    The Dee Zee DZ8170LB Tool-Box is next on today’s list and it has an array of impressive features. These make it an excellent pick as a contender for the best low-profile truck Tool-Box. The first feature that has us hooked is its Brite-tread aluminum construction that won’t rust.

    The reason behind these anti-rusting properties is all thanks to the protective gloss black powder coat that will keep them protected. Another feature that we are impressed with is the closed cell-foam gasket it is fitted with. This is weatherproof and keeps all the dirt and debris out!

    Another feature that makes it a great pick is the internal bends alongside the 3-piece body. This adds layers of protection to the overall build and construction of your purchase. You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged that easily! Of course, the contractor-grade Stainless Steel Handle Latches also help!

    These ensure that carrying this low-profile pick will not be too difficult. Thanks to the additional resilience via the double V-Pan lid stiffener, you can be sure that you get a formidable tool-Box for any and every job! There has been talking of it not being especially long-lasting but overall, an excellent pick indeed!


    Weather Guard Matte Saddle Box


    • Weather seal
    • Extremely protected
    • Convenient attachment points
    • Weighs 86 pounds


    • Doesn’t ship well

    Up next, we are now moving onto the Weather Guard Matte Saddle Box and this Tool-Box is quite the pick for users who are especially concerned about the elements. The reason behind this resilience is that as the name suggests, you get a weather guard seal on this option for the best low-profile truck Tool-Box.

    Even if it rains or snows and you left the tool-box out in the back of your truck, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or corroded. Another impressive feature is that this is a low-profile design so it only weighs around 86 pounds. This will allow it to fit in most kinds of trucks.

    The best part about this option is that you will get to work with convenient attachment points that ensure all your tools are safe inside. A tool kit does not come cheap and that’s why it is super necessary that your chosen toolbox has the right kind of features to ensure security.

    Other than this, there is also an automotive-style rotary latch situated on the box that will allow you to easily and conveniently open the box in one go. One-touch and the box are set to be used! We have already seen a few features that are focused on ensuring your possessions are safe but there’s more!

    There is a tamper-resistant, lock on this tool-box that offers an excellent amount of protection so that your product is safe from being pried or smashed open. The 90-degree cover opening is another great thing about this device since it has been designed to provide easy access and convenience.


    Better Built 73010911 Tool-Box


    • Weighs 53 pounds
    • Stylish design
    • Secure design
    • Durable construction


    • Issues with latch

    The Better Built 73010911 Tool-Box is one of the best products to invest in since it is very compact so moving it around will not be a difficult task. It only weighs 53 pounds total and has a small surface area, making it an excellent option for the best low-profile truck Tool-Box.

    Moving on to our list of features, we see that this tool-box gets its resilience and durability from its all-aluminum construction. It is not just made to last you a long time but it also allows you to showcase a stylish and low-profile design that looks great and won’t obstruct your view either.

    This product ensures that all your components within will remain safe and secure at all times since it has been fitted with stainless-steel, locking paddle latches. That being said, these have been known to be tricky to utilize by some users. However, this is not a complete letdown as it has some great redeeming qualities.

    One of these is its amazing range. This tool-box will fit behind most full-size trucks and most of its accessories can be found for replacement or repair.


    Lund 288272 Tool-Box


    • Weighs 9.33 pounds
    • Secure and sturdy
    • Special corrosion coating
    • Durable materials


    • Can’t take a lot of pressure

    We are now reviewing our next pick for the best low-profile truck tool-box and this is the Lund 288272 Tool-Box. This product also weighs a mere 9.33 pounds and this makes it the lightest low-profile pick on our list for today. You can pick it up and put it in the back of your truck with ease.

    However, it has a few even better tricks up its sleeve, and its durable construction is one of them! It has been manufactured with a diamond plate aluminum material that ensures it won’t get damaged even if there are bumps on the road! All your tools within will be safe and protected.

    That’s not all for its build since there is a special black powder coat finish on the product to prevent it from getting corroded or damaged at any point in time. The one area where this product could be a bit better is the amount of pressure it can withstand.

    This might have something to do with its smaller size but it can easily bend under pressure if something is placed on top. Finally, the stainless steel latches and the additional double post hooks will make sure that your purchase is well protected against potential damage.


    Weather Guard 131501 Saddle Box


    • Easy access lid
    • Completely protected with lock
    • Weather sealed
    • Smooth touch lid


    • None really

    Up next, our search for the best low-profile truck Tool-Box brings us to the Weather Guard 131501 Saddle Box. Of course, as its name suggests, with this device you will not have to worry about it being vulnerable to the elements. Rain, snow, sleet, or sun, this tool-box can handle it all!

    This of course is all thanks to the weather-seal protection feature. Along with this, you will certainly appreciate that this product is completely tamper-proof. This has been made easy thanks to its retracting lock that offers quite the protection from break-ins and potential burglaries.

    Another feature of this product that is impressive is the 90-degree cover opening as this ensures you get quick and easy access to the contents within. The automotive-style rotary latch also adds to this ease. This is because it has a one-touch smooth open process.

    All-in-all, on an ending note, this tool-box is one of the best options that you could invest in since we practically found no real flaws in it.

    Lund 7111002LP Tool-Box


    • 60-inch profile
    • Extra secure storage
    • Resistant to rust
    • Durable and sturdy design


    • Limited lifetime warranty

    The Lund 7111002LP Tool-Box is another great contender for today’s list of the best low-profile truck Tool-Box. This option is particularly perfect since it has been constructed to be a 60-inch low-profile tool-Box that works with most trucks.

    This product is certainly made for rough and tough use since it has been constructed out of 0.06-inch aluminum material. This along with the diamond plated black finish will make sure that you are making a long-lasting investment.

    Of course, the product itself is completely rust-proof since it has an additional layer of protection in the form of an electrostatically applied finish. This of course means it is waterproof and super resistant to fading over time.

    All in all, its extra secure storage room and tiny profile make it a decent pick indeed. The only aspect that doesn’t have us convinced? While there is a lifetime warranty, this is limited so it won’t cover or insure all components and problems.


    UWS 69-inch Tool-Box


    • Multiple options
    • Maximum strength
    • Security lock handles
    • Thick and durable construction


    • No weather guard

    We are back with another UWS product and this one is called the UWS 69-inch Tool-Box. While it offers a decent size at 69-inches, luckily for our readers, it only weighs 59 pounds total. This makes it a lightweight option for the best low-profile truck Tool-Boxes out there!

    Moving onto more specific features, we appreciate that it has extra-thick aluminum construction. This will make sure it is not prone to denting or damage. That being said, we would have liked if there was an additional layer of protection in the form of a weather guard.

    However, it is not a complete deal-breaker since you do have quite a resilient and long-lasting product otherwise. Its RigidCore foam-filled lid ensures that you have the perfect amount of protection for your tools that are placed inside! Talk about maximum protection!

    Perhaps the best feature in any tool-box has to be how easy it is to carry around. Luckily, this one certainly delivers with its impressive stainless steel lock handles that grant it the perfect combination of portability and comfort all wrapped up in one. However, we are not quite finished.

    This tool-box also comes in multiple options so you can pick one that works best for you. You have choices in sizes, styles, and finishes so, take your pick!


    Better Built 70-Inch Tool-Box


    • Extremely lightweight
    • Weather-resistant seals
    • Durable powder coating
    • Durable handles


    • Non-sealable lid

    Last but certainly not least, we are reviewing the Better Built 70-Inch Tool-Box and this is yet another perfect pick for the best low-profile truck Tool-Box around! It is by far one of the lightest options that we have for you today since it only weighs around 24 pounds. Now, that’s low-profile!

    This will help ensure that you will not have to compromise on space in your truck or obstruct your rear-view either. Another factor that we think a lot of potential buyers will appreciate is this device’s weather-resistant seals. So no matter rain, snow, or excessive sun exposure, this box won’t budge!

    While this product offers an impressive amount of features that make it quite enticing, we do feel that it could do better with its lid. While it does have a lock attached for safety, the lid is non-sealable. This is not the best if you want the ultimate protection.

    However, this tool-box will provide an impressive amount of protection in another department as there is a durable powder coat finish on top. This also acts as a weather sealant and increases the overall durability of your purchase. The stainless steel pull handle latches are another plus for comfort and easy mobility.




    Now For Our Much Needed Buying Guide!

    Now that we have gone over our top 10 potential contenders for the best low-profile truck tool-box, we are now moving forward with an in-depth buying guide and FAQ section. The reason behind adding this additional bit of information is so that any technical aspects are also covered.

    We will also look at a list of the most crucial frequently asked questions related to tool-boxes of the low-profile variety and these will aim to further highlight the best options for low-profile tool-boxes and their potential limitations.

    As far as low-profile toolboxes are concerned, users might want to look at the following buying guide for important factors to consider when making their purchase. These factors will shed some light on key features and factors that make your purchase successful.

    So, without further ado, we are now delving into the main features to consider when making your decision for the best low-profile trick tool-box:

    • How easily it opens and how firmly it stays shut:

    The first aspect is to consider how easy the product in question is to open and close. This is vital because you need a dual-function lid. This means that your product should open quickly for easy access. The other side of the equation is that this product should also close just as well.

    This is vital because you need a good sealable option that will keep your expensive tools and equipment inside safe and well-protected. A good feature for this is when tool-boxes come with tight-shutting latches for convenience.

    • How much can it contain?

    Perhaps the most important feature in any tool-box or work-box is how much it can contain within it. The overall capacity is going to determine exactly what purpose the product has and how many tools it can fit inside.

    Ideally, you want a tool-box that also has special compartments for smaller equipment such as nails or bolts as this will keep them more secure. This is a better way for the organization as well and will keep your tools safer and more accessible.

    • Is the material durable and strong?

    There are many options that you may choose to invest in if you are looking to buy a tool-box for truck use. We recommend aluminum, stainless steel, nickel steel, or strong glass-based options as these are both resistant to corrosion and quite sturdy.

    The most important aspect is that your tool-box should withstand bumpy roads and uneven terrain without getting dented immediately. The kind of material your box is made from will have a strong bearing on this aspect.

    • Does it have a low-profile design?

    This is the main talking point for today’s entire article as well and it is vital since a low-profile design will ensure safety. This is because it will not obstruct your view while you are driving. The low-profile options will also make sure that users can save up on much-needed space.

    The one thing to remember here is that make sure your tool-box can take a certain amount of pressure before placing other boxes or goods on top of it.

    • Does it offer weather protection?

    The best way to make sure you are making a good long-term investment is if you select a product that offers weather protection of some sort. This might be in the form of a waterproof finish or if it has a powder coating that can resist all the elements.

    You might also want to invest in completely sealable lid options as this helps deter dust and debris as well.


    Now for our list of FAQs:

    What is the best Tool-Box for a truck?

    The Deflecta-Shield Ultima Gull Wing Truck Tool-Box might be quite the mouthful with this name, however, as you will soon find, there is nothing difficult about this option. That’s why it is our top pick as the best tool-box for your truck.

    Let’s look over its main features, shall we? The first thing that will make you want to consider this product is the fact that it has been made out of resilient and sturdy aluminum construction. This ensures that no matter how rough the terrain might be, your tool-box is safe and protected in the back.

    It also comes equipped with dual lids that provide easy access to the contents inside. However, they serve an even better purpose! They are made with commercial-grade gas struts and these ensure that you can quite easily carry them as well.

    Finally, one of the best features of this product has to be its weatherstripping design. This acts as a formidable weather sealant so it wards of moisture from rain and protects against rusting and fading. This will also be just as good against harmful UV rays so you are making a long-term investment!

    What is a low-profile truck Tool-Box?

    There are many reasons why you might want to invest in a good and sturdy tool-box however those individuals who reach out for low-profile boxes have specific reasons in mind. Where the basic purpose and goal remain the same, a low-profile toolbox or workbox will vary in size.

    This means that if you want the tool-box to take up less space than it should, this is the one you want to get. Referring to a low-profile may consider its overall weight and its dimensions together.

    Ideally, you want all your tools and belongings within to stay safe and completely organized as per usual. However, the difference is that it won’t obstruct your view in your rearview mirror as you drive. They are also easier to carry and store away when necessary. Think of all the space you will be saving at the back!

    Where can I buy a Tool-Box for my truck?

    There are quite a few places where you can buy a tool-box for your truck. If you are looking for online spaces in these pandemic times, we recommend either Home Depot or Amazon as equally great options. Both of these have an impressive amount of different kinds and types of tool-boxes available.

    On the other hand, if you want a good pick where you can just pop right in for a look, then we recommend Lowes, Home Depot, or even suppliers such as USA Tool Supply. They all have effective websites and shops so you can choose how you want to buy your tool-box.

    Looking at a product in person will certainly allow you to better understand what will best suit your needs and will ensure you can hold your tool-box in person as well. However, online options are excellent too as long as you remember to check a return and replacement warranty in case anything goes wrong.

    Do truck Tool-Boxes fit all trucks?

    The answer to this is both yes and no because honestly, it depends. Many tool-boxes have been made to universally fit on the back of trucks no matter their size, type makes, or model. However, this is not true for all of them!

    This is because most have been designed to only stick between the bed rails of certain truck models. Not all tricks are built the same so naturally, not all tool-boxes can promise a one size fits all guarantee either.

    While this might seem like a letdown, a good thing about this is that you will probably find quite a few options when it has to do with the depth of the tool-box and its length. A more appropriate way to answer this question is to look at the trucks since the tool-box has been made to fit the truck, not the other way round.

    However, a good thing to consider is that while they might not all fit, many tool-boxes do come in sizes that can be customized to a certain degree. This allows for greater flexibility and versatility.



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