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10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews]

    It’s not uncommon to ride with those torturous bounces and bumps during your journey. However most of the time, you don’t feel a thing. The reason is your car has been installed with an effective shock absorber that eliminates the oscillations and provides stability to your car’s chassis.

    Everything comes with an expiry date and so do the shock absorbers. Even the best ones are bound to wear out at some time during the road. However, what you can do is replace it with a better one to enjoy a consistently smooth ride whether on-road or off-road.

    This is where our article comes into play. We have analyzed the best rear shocks for the GMC sierra 1500. They all offer exclusive features but the best among them is the Blistein 24-186735 (5100 series) which boasts good durability, fade-free performance, and has great value for money.

    Reviews Of The Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500

    The following table shows the special aspects of the selected best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500! 

    rear shocksFeaturesCheck Price
    Kyb 565104 Monomax Gas Shock5.5-pound weight, 40% more damping, durableCheck Price
    Monroe 345044.25-pound weight, 2 inches reserve tube, 1-3/8 inch boreCheck Price
    Monroe 5863911.02-pound weight, All-weather fluid, fluon-band pistonCheck Price
    Monroe 911262 Reflex Truck 5.3-pound weight, Acceleration Sensitive Damping valving technology, fluon-band pistonCheck Price
    ACDelco 504-5543.62-pound weight, chromed piston rod, great durabilityCheck Price
    Blistein 24-186735 (5100 series)3.85-pound weight, 0-2.5 inches front lift height, good controlCheck Price
    Skyjacker B85176.18-pound weight, Foam-Cell Technology, Multi-Stage ValvingCheck Price
    ACDelco 519-307.90-pound weight, premium constructionCheck Price

    Tuff Country 61301


    0.437-pound weight, good qualityCheck Price
    Rancho RS55265 RS5519828.0-pound weight, Ten stages valvingCheck Price

    1. KYB 565104 Monomax Gas Shock

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 1


    • Great design
    • Good durability
    • 40% damping performance


    • Costly

    Kyb is a prestigious Japanese brand that excels in developing automotive accessories like shock absorbers, hydraulic pumps, valves, etc. Their shock absorbers are very famous for providing you with a smooth ride on all terrains. The Kyb 565104 Monomax Gas Shock is one of their most successful shock absorbers that astonish the drivers with its great control and good damping performance.


    This Kyb Monomax appeals to consumers with its sharp looks and blood-red colour. Its exterior is smooth and delivers versatile features. This beast weighs about 5.5 pounds and can effectively provide you with a fluid ride and great control over your vehicle.

    Specially designed for heavy-duty vehicles, this shock absorber is crafted to last long and provides up to 40% astonishing damping performance. This tow-ready device comes in a monotube design. For optimized control, it has a large bore which adds to the stability of the heavy-duty vehicles.

    For longevity and optimized durability, it features a stainless piston ring coated with zinc which is perfect for rough terrains. Similarly, it features a rubber dust boot whose main task is to keep the shock absorber highly functional by keeping the dust and debris away from its shaft.

    To prevent fluid leakage, the Kyb Kyb 565104 Monomax Gas Shock shows off with a chrome piston rod that has been triple chrome plated. It is an amazing shock absorber that surely outstands the standard ones. Its vehicle specific and delivers great performance with its outstanding features.


    Kyb 565104 Monomax Gas Shock outshines the standard shock absorbers with its durability, great stability, and versatile features. It is among the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500 and is a device worth your money!


    2. Monroe 34504 Gas-Magnum Truck Shock Absorber

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 2


    • Smooth ride
    • Piece of cake installation
    • 2 inches reserve tube
    • 1-3/8 inch bore
    • Great Performance


    • Thin paint coating makes it vulnerable to rust.

    Monroe enterprise has recently developed Monroe 34504 which excels in providing stability to your car’s body. To provide you with a comfortable and smooth ride on all terrains, this gadget is certainly perfect. This wonderful gadget boasts effortless performance and won’t empty your pocket.


    Monroe 34504 enters the market in its charming yellow colour and glossy smooth exterior. By looks, it appears to be tough and you can certainly expect it to last long. Boasting with epic damping performance, it is specially designed for minivans, vans, and trucks. The greater control and stability that this shock absorber provides us is certainly noteworthy.

    Monroe 34504 weighs 4.25 pounds. With its smart design, it can be easily fixed into the truck. For proper guidance and easy installation, a manual comes with it. It’s very different from standard shock absorbers since it’s more durable and effective compared to them.

    It has a 1-3/8 inch bore which delivers smooth functioning at low operating pressures. For steady and consistent performance, it has a 2-inch reserve tube that can hold plenty of fluid. Last but not the least, the Monroe 34504 has a nitrocarburized 5/8 inch piston rod which is extremely durable.

    This shock absorber appears to have a single paint coat over it which is not enough and can make it vulnerable to rust and corrosion. However, this issue can be effortlessly solved by painting the exterior again.


    Monroe 34504 is among the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500 as it provides great stability and control over your vehicle. Its consistent and steady performance and budget-friendly price make it a decent shock absorber indeed!


    3. Monroe 58639 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorbers

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 3


    • Well-built design
    • Impressive all weather fluid
    • Great fluon band piston


    • Springs are noisy

    Monroe 58639 is another product of the reputable Monroe brand which has been crafted with incredible brilliance. This shock absorber is very flexible and provides you with a bump-free ride. For great comfort and convenience, Monroe 58639 is perfect.


    The Monroe 58639 comes in a unique design that assists in reducing the oscillation and bumps of your ride. Its inventive and tough design is quite astonishing.  Providing comfort and a bump-free ride is not this shock absorber’s only goal, it also targets your safety. It has some exclusive features installed in it which add to its overall effective performance.

    For smooth rod operation and diminished friction, the Monroe 58639 features an all-weather fluid. This fluid contains some unique modifiers which result in fluid rod operation. Another distinctive feature is it’s adjustable valving. This provides the drivers with a steady and smooth performance as the valving automatically gets tuned to the different terrains.

    To top it off, the Monroe 58639 provides great stability and control over your vehicle with the aid of its fluon band piston. The Monroe 58639 installation is quite easy. With the instruction manual, it can be fixed into your truck quite easily.

    The Monroe 58639 excels in providing its consumers with uncompromised performance. The epic stability it provides to the truck’s body regarding the vibrations and bounces that it suffers is certainly great. Its springs provide great suspension but are quite noisy.


    Monroe 58639 is among the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500 as it delivers spectacular performance with its all-weather fluid, a piston that is fluon banded, and adjustable valving. Monroe 58639 has a reasonable price and a well-built design making it a good shock absorber for your vehicle.


    4. Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 4


    • All-weather fluid
    • Acceleration Sensitive Damping valving technology
    • Great Fluon banded piston
    • Steady performance


    • A thin paint coat makes it vulnerable to corrosion

    Like its predecessors, the Monroe 911262 delivers exceptional handling and stability to your vehicle. It’s common to face the bumps and bounces of the road but with this beast installed as your shock absorber, you won’t feel a thing. Its spectacular well-built design and effective performance make it one of the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500.


    Tempting the consumers with its lustrous and sleek exterior, this shock absorber comes with an affordable price range and shows off with spectacular features that add to its overall performance. It not only assists in providing greater control and stability over your car but provides you with great safety as well.

    Crafted for rear wheels, the Monroe 911262 weighs 5.3 pounds and can be easily installed into your vehicle. It’s best compatible with heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and vans etc. It has Acceleration Sensitive Damping valving technology incorporated in it which means it’s full displaced valving adjusts itself automatically for the rough terrains.

    This remarkable feature assists in providing you with a smooth and reduced oscillation ride. Similarly, it features an all-weather fluid that has plenty of modifiers mixed in it to impede oil deterioration. Its reserve tube is large to accommodate more fluid for steady performance.

    Similarly, it features a great bore for great damping performance and stability. The fluon banded piston of this shock absorber further prolongs its life and provides great stability which is great!


    Monroe 911262 is a good shock absorber that features an impressive Acceleration Sensitive Damping valving technology, all-weather fluid, and great damping performance. The stability and control provided by this monotube design gadget are truly great!


    5. ACDelco 504-554 Specialty Rear Air Lift Shock Absorber


    • Great value for money
    • Good durability
    • Extensive handling
    • Great performance


    • Installation requires professional help

    ACDelco is a professional brand that has been developing suspension parts for decades. Whether it’s hydraulic pumps or shock absorbers, this brand excels in all and always provides its customers with great long-lasting products. ACDelco 504-554 is one such shock absorber that delivers consistent performance with its spectacular features.


    By the looks, the ACDelco 504-554 emits a professional vibe. Its black colour and classy design make it perfect for smoothing out your rough ride. Although a manual is provided for its installation, it’s quite difficult for a newbie to install it therefore, professional help is needed for its perfect installation.

    The ACDelco 504-554 excels in providing maximized comfort, optimized control, and great durability. It’s usually installed on the rear wheel and is designed for heavy-duty vehicles. With 3.62 pounds weight, the ACDelco 504-554 is about 19.4 inches long,  6.5 inches wide, and 3.9 inches tall.

    ACDelco 504-554 sports a chromed piston rod providing great Corrosion resistant properties. It effectively provides seal lubrication and extends the product’s service life. ACDelco 504-554 features 25 to 200 psi adjustable air pressure and sports up to 1100 pounds load capacity. The air pressure gets adjusted according to the varying load.

    This is surely an impressive shock absorber that provides great control and smooths the steering of your vehicle. With this, say bye-bye to the bumpy rides. With 1-year limited warranty and a good budget-friendly price, this shock absorber is a good one.


    ACDelco 504-554 is among the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500 as it provides great durability, stability, and optimized control. Its Adjustable air pressure, consistent performance, and chromate piston rod all make it a valid contender for your precious money.


    6. Bilstein (24-186735) 5100 Series Front Shock Absorber

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 5


    • Fade free performance
    • Good stability
    • Great ride control


    • Some clients have complained about discomfort experienced during the ride

    The blistein is an enormous top-rated enterprise when it comes to shock absorbers. For many decades, this brand has developed plenty of great and appealing shock absorbers that provide you with the Smoothest ride ever. The Blistein 24-186735 of this brand delivers fade-free performance as it has various aspects to offer.


    Blistein 24-186735 is a sturdy shock absorber that has been specially crafted for trucks, jeeps, etc. This monotube design shock absorber ensures that you get to enjoy a comfortable ride. It features a tough construction and has been crafted to last long. This means that you won’t need to empty your pocket for car maintenance all the time.

    Blistein 24-186735 appears with a zinc-plated exterior. Its exterior is quite smooth. It weighs about 3.85 pounds and boasts spectacular damping performance. Its best compatible with 2002/ 2003/ 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche 2500 vehicles. For such a high centre of gravity vehicles, this specially crafted shock absorber is certainly perfect.

    Coated with corrosion-resistant paint, this gadget sure looks sharp. It provides you with great control and stability. When it’s a speed-sensitive piston, you get to enjoy a fluid road journey. No matter the terrain you ride on, the piston behaves according to the road situation.

    The Blistein 24-186735 comes with a lifetime warranty. Although it has been designed to last long, there still have been complaints about its durability. Users have complained that it lasts only for a year and then wears out.


    Blistein 24-186735 is an excellent shock absorber that provides optimized ride comfort, smooth ride, great ride control, and good stability. Its lightweight and easy-to-install design make it a good shock absorber indeed!


    7. Skyjacker B8517 Black MAX Shock Absorber with Black Boot

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 6


    • Easy installation
    • Great value for the money
    • Best compatible with lifted vehicles
    • Foam-cell technology


    • Not best for vehicles more than 2 inches lift
    • It’s vehicle specific

    Skyjacker B8517 is a premium design shock absorber with plenty of innovative features installed. It ensures your safety and provides you with a diminished oscillation ride. It has great value for the money and delivers you with superior performance. The Skyjacker brand has certainly put its heart into this shock absorber.


    With a glamorous black-coloured smooth exterior, the Skyjacker B8517 has the black max logo stamped over it. The shock absorber overall looks quite remarkable and provides plenty of sharp features. With 6.18 pounds weight and 24.3 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches dimensions, this gadget provides a hassle-free installation.

    The Skyjacker B8517 best feature is the Foam-cell technology which works to elongate shock absorbers’ life by preventing any sort of shock failure. This shock absorber provides you with a fluid car ride and great control indeed. Having great value for money, this gadget boasts a twin-tube construction providing great performance and features great fluid capacity to prevent overheating.

    It has a chrome-plated shaft and provides you with rust-resistant properties.

    It is also best compatible with vehicles with up to 2 inches lift. However, for vehicles higher than 2 inches lift, this shock absorber is certainly not the best.

    Skyjacker B8517 is among the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500 and provides a great smooth ride on all sorts of terrains. Its amazing functionality and great performance will provide you with good handling and great control.


    Skyjacker B8517 is a durable shock absorber that boasts great durability, good multi-stage valving, great fluid capacity, and good performance. It has great value for the money and is a must-buy vehicle accessory indeed!


    8. ACDelco 519-30 Specialty Rear Spring Assisted Shock Absorber

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 7


    • Easy installation
    • Great value for the money
    • Shock and spring technology


    • Complains about its durability
    • Thin paint coat on its exterior

    ACDelco 519-30 is yet another impressive product of the ACDelco brand that shows off with impressive spring design, good control, and comfortable ride. It provides great support to your car’s vibrating chassis and hence reduces the oscillations to increase your comfort. Its features make it one of the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500.


    ACDelco 519-30 is an award-winning shock absorber that comes in a discerning compact design and is very easy to install. Its hassle-free installation is because of the manual that contains highly detailed instructions making it a piece of cake for you. This is an impressive shock absorber that not only appears in bold colours but sports sharp features.

    Looking at its exterior, you will find a thin black paint coat and a spring for providing great suspension. Designed for rear wheels, this shock absorber has a 7.9-pounds weight. It’s 27.7 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 3.7 inches tall. The exterior is glossy and smooth with the impressive logo stamped over it.

    Coupled with impressive shock and spring technology, this ACDelco 519-30 provides great stability and retains your vehicle’s original drivability. It smooths out your ride on all domains. This versatile shock absorber looks tough and boasts great vehicle control indeed.

    The spring provides great suspension. It’s an innovative design and modern technology both work in tandem to provide you with smooth fade-free performance. It’s a magnificent shock absorber that not only looks great but has plenty of innovative features as well.


    ACDelco 519-30 is a good shock absorber that provides you with a good smooth exterior and extensive control. It has the best value for the money.


    9. Tuff Country 61301 Rear Shock Absorber

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 8


    • Great stability
    • Good convenience
    • Innovative design
    • Impressive performance


    • Thin paint coat on its exterior making it prone to Rust and Corrosion.

    Whether it’s driving on the road or off-road, the Tuff Country 61301 is the best as it delivers excellent performance. It cuts down on the vibrations and bumps of your truck or jeep and makes it a silky smooth ride for you. The Tuff Country is a brilliant brand packed with a lot of bright engineers who have struggled a lot to bring forth this shock absorber. The brand deserves appreciation indeed!


    Regardless of your driving skills or the road you ride on, the Tuff Country 61301 provides you with smooth fade-free performance. For full-sized vehicles, this shock absorber is perfect as it provides the drivers with substantial handling and epic power to control their vehicles.

    Tuff Country 61301 provides drivers with good and bold features. It has a silver paint coat over its exterior to enhance its service life and make it tough against Corrosion. With the brand logo stamped on its exterior, the Tuff Country 61301 surely looks like a shock absorber expert.

    Tuff Country 61301 weighs about 7 ounces and shows off with a length of 22.32 inches. With an impressive width of 2.8 inches and a height of 2.73 inches, this precocious gadget provides marvelous fade-free performance.

    It’s a rear shock absorber and is vehicle-specific meaning that not all vehicles can benefit from it. It’s good for big heavy-duty vehicles and provides them with great stability and a smooth ride both on-road and off-road.


    Tuff Country 61301 is a cost-effective shock absorber that’s considered to be among the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500. By purchasing this shock absorber, you get to enjoy a fade-free performance, epic stability, and good control.


    10. Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Pairs of Shock Absorbers for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 GMC Sierra 1500

    10 Best Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews] 9


    • Ten stages valving
    • Superior built-up
    • Good damping performance
    • Great value for money


    • Limited design

    Rancho has been developing shock absorbers since 1950 and is among the top reliable brands that offer customers great products. The Rancho RS55265 RS55198 of this enterprise is a high-quality shock absorber that’s very flexible and has impressed the users with its great fade-free performance.


    While driving off-road, you are bound to face bumpy tortures since the terrain is rough. You can’t stop these bumps and bounces, but the Rancho RS55265 RS55198 is equipped with an innovative technology that reduces these bumps and vibrations and provides great support to your car’s frame.

    It is equipped with a ten-stage valving which is highly sensitive to speed. Next to them, you will find rebound bumpers that cut down on the roughness you feel while riding. It even features a nitrocarburized piston of 35 mm diameter whose main target to provide you with a consistent and smooth ride on all sorts of terrains.

    Its piston boot is very inventive which serves to protect the oil seal and rod from breakdown, dust, or debris. Its exterior looks sharp and cool. The contrasting red and white colouration lifts its greatness. To top it off, it has premium material construction making it quite durable and long-lasting.

    Needless to say, the Rancho RS55265 RS55198 is quite an innovative shock absorber that is an expert in providing you with great comfort and convenience during your ride. Whether it’s on-road or off-road driving, this shock absorber will never fail to impress you with its performance.


    Rancho RS55265 RS55198 is among the best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500 as it boasts great durability, epic stability, and good flexibility. Its impressive design and great features are certainly impressive.


    Buyer guide: How to choose the best shock absorber?

    No doubt, with science at its peak, plenty of different types and designs of shock absorbers have been developed each packed with their distinctive features. While out investing your money, don’t just blindly spend but take a moment and look at certain aspects to be the owner of an incredible one!

    These features are:

    • Type of shock absorbers
    • Quality
    • Warranty

    Type Of Shock Absorbers

    First, you need to decide the type of shock absorber that you need to spend on. There are originally 5 types of shock absorbers launched so far which are:

    • Gas shocks
    • Heavy-duty shocks
    • Air shocks
    • Overload shocks
    • Automatic self-control shock

    Gas shocks:

    These gas shocks are loaded with nitrogen gas which assists in reducing the bounce and oscillations during travel. These gas shocks are best compatible with small vehicles.

    Heavy-duty shocks:

    Their function is mentioned in their name:” heavy-duty”. They are crafted for vehicles with a large centre of gravity. To provide great control over such vehicles it has been designed with a big shaft.

    Air shocks:

    As the name indicates, these are shocks operated by an air compressor. Although these air shocks are adjustable and assist in uniform weight dispersal, you have to adjust them physically which is quite bothersome.

    Overload shocks:

    These are another pair of shocks designed for bulky off-road locomotives. Their distinctive feature is a spring coil providing this shock and your car with flexibility and springiness.

    Automatic self-control shocks:

    These are another category of air shocks that operate by air pumps and provide uniform dispersal of weight. However, the air pumps operate automatically unlike the air shocks mentioned-above.


    After deciding on the type of shock absorber you want, next comes their quality. No doubt every shock absorber comes with an expiry date but how long does it last is the question! Plenty of shock absorbers show off with stainless steel exterior with zinc or chrome coating over it. This layer levels up the toughness of the shock absorber against Corrosion.

    Similarly, most shock absorbers come with nitrocarburized piston rod which is quite durable.


    Last but not the least, warranty. This varies according to the shock absorbers brand. However, it’s best to invest in a shock absorber that comes with a lifetime warranty, and truth be told: plenty of them come with this warranty.


    FAQS – Rear Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500

    What shocks give the smoothest ride?

    There are plenty of shocks that provide the Smoothest ride. These are

    • Blistein 5100 series
    • Monroe MA822
    • Monroe 58620

    Why is Bilstein shocks better?

    Blistein is better because they deliver a superior design. Their monotube design effectively allows the heat from the oil to be dispersed to the outside. The piston also plays a role in preventing oil breakdown.

    Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

    For replacing the shocks and struts, either replace all of them at once or in pairs. Don’t try to change them one by one, it will cause you trouble.

    How do I know if my shocks are bad?

    When you hear noises when faced with bumps and bounces or your steering control becomes hard then it means that your shocks have worn out. Your vehicle may also lean to one side if your shocks have gone bad.

    Can you drive with a broken rear shock?

    Well, going out with bad shocks affects the efficiency of your brakes, and causes tire wear out. The most important is that it affects other suspension parts and hence ruins your car overall.


    Your safety is very important to us. A bad shock absorber may result in ruining your car and hence injuring you. We know it’s quite an arduous task to choose a shock absorber but you certainly can’t neglect it.

    We sincerely hope that after scanning through our article on “best rear shocks for GMC sierra 1500”, you can grab the best shock absorber for your vehicle!


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