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10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews]

    Are you a truck driver who is fond of the Ford F150 truck? Well, Ford 150 is an excellent vehicle which is having the expertise to run on a diverse range of terrain that is impossible for other automobiles including some of the fine quality trucks.

    To avoid boost the truck’s performance, it is necessary to have good and compatible shocks. So, if you want to know more about the best shocks for F150 2WD, go through our review article and have a profound review.

    In a rush? Have a look at our top pick of the best shocks for F150 2WD. SENSEN 4051 is the best candidate for this spot because it offers a twin-tube -filled design and is very easy to install. It is a very reliable and affordable option that provides great functioning and comfortable ride.

    Reviews Of The Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD

    For having a deeper insight into the best shocks for F150 2WD, go down the following models of shocks and struts. Given below are the top ten stocks that are compatible with the Ford F150 and offer a great range of comfort and durability. Run down the comparison table to have a cursory look into the features and price comparison of the selected models.

    SENSEN 4051Twin-tube design, nitrogen gas insertedCHECK PRICE
    Gabriel 34057Proper ride height, spring technology CHECK PRICE
    Bilstein B8 5100Monotube gas shock design CHECK PRICE
    Bilstein 24-013284Monotube designCHECK PRICE
    Monroe 171362OE Design, USA AssembledCHECK PRICE
    DTA 70018Pre-assembled, quality packagingCHECK PRICE
    DTA 40011All-inclusive package, perfect fitCHECK PRICE
    Detroit Axle 2005-08Built-in OE specsCHECK PRICE
    Rancho QuickLIFT StrutCustom look, Lifetime WarrantyCHECK PRICE
    Rough Country Lift KitInstallation guide, easy installationCHECK PRICE

    Let’s dive into the in-depth review of these models for a better understanding of their functioning…

    1. SENSEN 4051 Front or Rear Struts Compatible with Ford F-150


    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 1


    • Great comfort
    • Easy installation
    • Affordable
    • Superb performance


    • Requires several accessories not included in the package

    SENSEN is the most popular and bestselling brand in the suspension system and accessories category. This manufacturing firm has the prestige of producing the best in class and high-end shocks and struts for various truck models. The pristine position of this brand is mainly due to its finest quality shocks compatible with the Ford 150 series.


    SENSEN is renowned for producing both 2WD and 4WD shocks and for this reason these shocks are considered the most reliable option for a comfortable journey across various landscapes and multi-terrain trails.

    These shocks are highly reliable and durable, therefore, they would prove to be a great investment point and will not fall short of claimed performance.  The best thing about SENSENNN shocks and structs is not just their reliable and durable nature but also the affordable tag.

    These products are coming at such reasonable price tags that it is not wise to miss out on them and go for anything else.  The installation of this item is also very easy and will not take much time for replacement or overhauling.

    This quick and easy installation eliminates the need for third-party interference and that’s what the Ford 150 2WD drivers are looking for. These shocks are a perfect choice for all the Ford models within the 1997 to 2003 category.

    The only downside of this product is that it does require several accessories for its proper working and these accessories are not included in the package the shocks are coming with. These accessories include, insulators, bearing plate, col spring, and top mount.


    For all those people who are looking for a reliable and dependable product that will provide great control and a comfortable ride, the SENSEN 4051 shocks are the best option at such an affordable cost.


    2. Gabriel 34057 Front Load Carrier


    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 2


    • Smooth ride
    • Multi-terrain drive
    • Quick installation
    • durable


    • Pricey

    Gabriel is a name of trusted stature in the automobile industry and this is hard-earned fame after years of repute and excellence in manufacturing premium quality automobile spare parts these shocks are coming as front suspension items and are therefore responsible for maintaining the balance of front tires and preventing them from bumps and uneven riding experience.


    These front suspension 2WD shocks are built for harsh conditions and off-road journeys which exert pressure on the driver to control his performance and vehicle strength in driving over uneven and scary roads.  These shocks have quality spring technology which makes them yield a superb performance in absorbing the shocks.

    These off-road journeys are often surprising and to make the journey a little less frightening, these shocks are a great aid. These shocks will lead towards a proper ride by balancing the height of the suspension system and the trucks’ hardware complacently.

    Besides, maintaining the proper height, the balance of the front suspension is monitored by the lubrication system and the flow rate of the fuel through these shocks and struts. These shocks have an exceptional lubrication system of chrome-plated construction and sealed design.

    This ergonomic design makes the shocks extremely useful for bumpy roads as it tends to absorb shocks to a greater extent. The maximum load that these shocks can support is about 500 pounds per pair of shocks and it is a good standpoint from the Foord 150 capacity.


    For all those people who are looking for a smooth and consistent ride through the bumpy and uneven off roads, these Gabriel front suspension shocks are the most favored option. These shocks are suitable for 2WD hardware and have exceptional consistency with good lubrication support to support long rides.


    3. Bilstein 33-253237 B8 5100 Shock Absorber

    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 3


    • Reasonably priced
    • Upgraded version for F150
    • Comfortable riding


    • Complex installation

    Bilstein shocks are considered the most respected suspension parts in the SUVs and trucks used for lifting, hauling, towing, and driving across the off roads. These shocks are a bit pricey compared to other shocks of similar nature and this is because of their brand value and unrivaled performance.


    This Bilstein shock is a monotube gas-filled model that is tailored for SUV vehicles and is a very reliable and heavy-duty model that is dedicated to heavy loads and weight lifting jobs, these shocks are highly reliable and dependable due to their supreme construction and design.

    They are made up of zin instead of the conventional chrome-plated designs. These zinc shocks tend to have improved height controls and have better and bigger valves. Thus they are good for bigger tires that are a necessity for Ford 150 and other heavy-duty truck models.  As stated earlier, these shocks have monotube gas-filled construction.

    This construction style is best suited for rugged roads and this is because these bumpy and harsh roads will put more stress over the shocks which demand heavy-duty alternatives. So, if you are looking for exceptional shocks and struts to save your day then these Bilstein 5100 shocks are a reliable option.

    These shocks have a built-in spacer and this will cut short the need to buying of spacer as an accessory. The limit of these onboard spacers is to lift the truck up to 3 inches from the ground which is a good value from the viewpoint of a weightlifting SUV or Ford 150.


    If you are diving into a weight lifting vehicle or a heavy-duty SUV then you must invest in these Bilstein 5100 shocks to let you enjoy a rugged road journey without any bumps.


    4. Bilstein 24-013284 Front Shock for Ford F150 2WD

    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 4


    • Precise tunning
    • Suitable for both rear and front suspension
    • Durable
    • Comfortable drive


    • Pricey

    Another Bilstein shock appearing in our selection of the best shocks for F150 2WD trucks just proves the fact that these shocks and struts are highly demanded and desired products in the market. These are much hyped and talked about shocks in the suspension system of ford 150 trucks and SUV vehicles.


    This Bilstein model is similar to the aforementioned model of Bilstein 5100 shocks but the difference is that it is coming with an OEM design instead of the simple mono-tube gas design. Apart from that the hardware, assembly, construction, and applications are all pretty much similar.

    This model is also built for off-road rides where comfort and balance are more required than paved roads of the urban dwellings. These heavy-duty shocks are more than good to absorb the heavy bumps and completely nullify their effect.

    In this way,  you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride without the worries of unpaved and unbalanced roads ahead of your way.  These shocks are yellow powdered coated models and have a blue boot at the base. They have a self-adjusting piston in addition to the floating dividing piston,

    One distinguished feature of this model that stands it apart from the rest is that it can be applied to both heavy-duty vehicles like SUV automobiles and trucks, as well as, minivans, and small vehicles like regular cars or luxurious brands like Ferrari and Mercedes Benz.


    These shocks are very prestigious accessories of the suspension system and have a solid standing in the market due to their comfortable and consistent performance in hauling and towing.


    5. Monroe Shocks and Struts Quick-Strut 171362 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 5


    • Long-lasting
    • Aggressive driving
    • Enhanced and improved handling


    • Tricky installation

    For all those people who are on a hunt for the quicker and safer shocks and struts to install in your truck’s suspension system then there is no better option than these Monroe shocks and struts.


    These shocks are precisely constructed as the quick installing and pre-assembled shocks for 2WD Ford 150 tucks that are an ideal option for weight lifting, hauling, towing, and other heavy-duty tasks that require the abilities of SUV trucks.

    As we stated earlier that these shocks are completely assembled and there is no need to add any additional part or strut to improve the shock absorption. But these shocks do need some accessories to have proper functioning. Among the most required accessories is the MM socket, tie rod, nut torque, and wrench.

    Coming towards the construction of the shocks, these are OEM designed shocks and struts by the Monroe and are therefore more complacent with the height improvement and ride control. These shocks have enough strength to absorb heavy bumps and let the driver enjoys a comfortable and consistent ride across the uneven and bumpy roads.

    The fitting of the shocks is also perfect and the optimized handling experience will make them a great deal in the automobile industry. The seamless fitting of these shocks is partially due to the mounting system and partially due to the handing experience.


    These Monroe shocks are heavy-duty and long-lasting items that are completely assembled in the USA and there is no need to assemble them at the time of installation. These shocks are an excellent piece of hardware to improve the balance and comfort of the drive.


    6. DTA 70018 Full Set 2 Front Complete Struts with Springs and Mounts


    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 6


    • Pre-assembled
    • Reasonable price
    • Easy installation
    • Perfect fitting


    • Faulty installation yields noise

    All the above-mentioned shocks and struts coming from either Bilstein or Monroe are high-end products and require you to spend a good amount of the fortune to own them. But if you are looking for a wallet-friendly yet effective shock absorption system then you ought to give this DTA manufacturing firm a try.


    This is not a common or lesser heard name in the industry as many DTA items have the prestige to be the bestseller options in the market. This particular model of shocks and struts is compatible with Ford 150 and heavy-duty SUV models, though they can be installed in small automobiles like minivans and cars.

    These budget-friendly shocks are not only good for their price but also have good enough features to let you determine their worth. Most notable of these features is their pre-assembled nature.  This will save a considerable amount of time that the driver would otherwise have to invest in for installation and assemblage of the shocks into the suspension system of the truck.

    These shocks are good enough for driving off roads and harsh trails as they have enough strength and endurance to prevent you from the bumps. With all the glitter, these shocks had the downfall that is the cluttering sound continuously coming out of them.

    This noise is due to improper insertion of them into the truck’s hardware. To avoid this unpleasant noise and improve the balance and functioning of the shocks, it is mandatory to properly install the shocks in the vehicle.


    These shocks are front suspension shocks that are compatible with ford 150 models between 97 to 2003 models.  These shocks are 2WD and are highly durable and reliable products to install in your heavy-duty vehicles.


    7. DTA 40011 Shocks Full Set Front and Rear Compatible with Ford F150 2WD

    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 7


    • High-quality performance
    • Smooth ride
    • Excellent balance


    • Washer and rubber bushing would be problematic

    This is another shock system from the DTA manufacturing firm and has comparable features with a similar price tag. But these two models have their distinctions and commercial values. The similarity between them is the fact that both are compatible with Ford 150 tires and both are designed as 2WD shocks.


    These shocks are an excellent pair of front suspension struts that are distinguished for their reliability and off-road performance the durability and comfort of the shocks for any SUV automobile of the heavy-duty vehicle are of prime importance.

    Therefore, these shocks are constructed with the highest strength of shock absorption and durability. This durability protects them against the wearing and tearing of overuse. In this way, these shocks can endure for greater durations, and users don’t have to usually replace their vehicle shocks.

    These shocks are coming in an excellent and neatly arranged package that is an all-inclusive item and cut short the need for any additional accessories for the proper working of these shocks. The installation of these shocks is a little bit tricky and will require you to take guidance from the user’s manual for better understanding and proper installation.

    These shocks are not only affordable like the earlier sibling of DTA shocks and struts for the Ford 150 truck series but are also very quiet.  The downside of these shocks is that the installation of their rubber and washer is a complex process that will require you to take technical assistance.


    These shocks are a very fine quality option for heavy-duty trucks that are optimum for hauling and towing. They have great weight lifting strength and can endure physical stress to a great degree.


    8. Detroit Axle – Complete Rear Shocks 2005-08 Ford F150

    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 8


    • Perfect fit
    • Superb performance
    • Quick installation
    • Durable


    • Compatibility issues

    Detroit Axle shocks are perfect fitting shocks that are fully compatible with all Ford 150 trucks and have a 2WD rear suspension system. Most of the shocks that we have mentioned in our selection of best shocks for F150 2WD are front suspension. Therefore, it is good to have rear suspension shocks to enjoy the complete 4WD driving experience.


    These rear shocks are offering a sparing spring and coil system instead of the mono-tube design that is most probably filled with nitrogen gas. This conventional design is quite appropriate for the working of heavy-duty shocks to prevent bumping in off-road journeys and long drives across multi-terrain landscapes.

    The strength of these shocks and struts lies in their perfect fitting size which is an important yet rare feature in most rear shocks. The size and fitting of the shocks and other parts of any suspension system are of crucial significance. Since lousy shocks and struts are no better than no shocks at all.

    That is the reason why all trucks and heavy-duty automobiles must have perfect fitting shocks to prevent any mishap or accidental bumping that might lose the driver’s control and leads to a bigger disaster. These shocks are built with international standards and for this supreme cause, these are most commonly encountered in imported models.

    The compatibility of these shocks for Ford 150 is only with those truck models that are manufactured within 2009 to 2013 duration. The rest of the models are not suited to fit in these shocks.


    This rear suspension system of shocks and struts is a quality investment that will offer the drivers enjoy a comfortable and memorable ride along the tricky and harsh roads with many possible threats to shock absorbers of the vehicle.


    9. Rancho QuickLIFT RS999909 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly



    • Enhanced ground balance
    • Nine position adjustments
    • Easy assemblage


    • Time-consuming installation

    Most of the shocks are good for weight lifting and this only reason, most heavy-duty vehicles tend to utilize 2WD shocks as front suspension struts are enough to hold the vehicle in balance. But when it comes to lifting the truck, shocks need to have some additional parts like the spacer for maintaining the control and endurance of the shocks.


    These quick lift shocks by Rancho are coming as a complete solution that will allow you to level and lift any object without needing any external support or extra tools. These shocks complete the whole suspension system and provide the benefits of both front and rear suspension.

    The installation techs of the shocks are also commendable and the easy bolt installation will let the users invest some time in its installation. It is not a very tricky process to install these shocks properly and one can easily do so by taking assistance from the user’s manual.

    But these do require a lot of time to go through the installation steps and then actually trying those steps which are not a favorable trait of the item. These shocks provide increased ground balance for lifting and this is improved up to 2.5 inched from the ground with 35 inches of tires.

    The performance level of these shocks is also worthy of special mention here and these nine levels will ensure that nothing hinders the efficiency and smoothness of the ride. Due to this high-end efficiency, the chances of a comfortable and smoother ride are increased by manifold.


    These shocks will provide a great deal of investment for professional weight lifting and heavy-duty trucks that require commercial expertise and strength. These shocks are commercial graded and therefore require one to spend in some fortune accordingly.


    10. Rough Country Lift Kit for F150 includes N3 Shocks Suspension System

    10 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD in 2022 [Top Reviews] 9


    • Heavy-duty performance
    • Simple installation
    • Affordable


    • Not good for heavy load driving

    The list in our selection is the shocks by Rough Country that are built as lift kits for the SUV models and Ford 150 truck models. These quick lifting shocks are fine quality items and are coming at a reasonably priced tag that gives glimpses of entry-level tools.


    These shocks are dedicated to those automobiles that have to carry a certain amount of weight and this doesn’t exceed beyond the carrying capacity of these shocks. These are not high-end items and will not be able to bear the heavy load items which may put overexertion and physical strain.

    These shocks are coming with proper skills and good looks to let you enjoy both exquisite outlook and efficient working. They are capable of powerlifting the truck and automobiles up to 3 inches from the ground and this is what stresses their standing in the market.

    These shocks are extremely easy to install and don’t require any technical assistance or third party interference. As far as the suspension system is concerned, they offer both front and rear suspension, which is a great deal of 2WD shocks to act as 4WD shocks and struts.


    These economical yet efficient shocks are a good option for entry-level weightlifting vehicles. These shocks have excellent shock absorption tendencies and provide the driver a very comfortable and consistent drive throughout its journey.


    Buying Guide – Shocks For Ford F150 2WD

    Things To Look For In The Best Shocks For F150 2wd

    Choosing the right shock for your truck suspension system, finding the compatible item is a bit tricky, and tiring task. This is because there are plenty of good options available and it will require you to spend lots of effort to sort out good items and the best ones. To overcome this difficulty for you, we have compiled this buying guide after extensive study of the best shocks for F150 2WD. So, it is better to look upon these features to be present in your potential purchase.

    Easy installation

    Before heading for the final purchase, it is wise to ensure the installation process of the shocks and struts since it is the ultimate trait for quick and simple installation. It is no doubt that workshops can replace your shocks and therefore easy installation is not concerned with you.

    But simple installing shocks will not only remove the third party interface, but it will also save your hard-earned bucks and a considerable amount of time in going to auto shops for repairing and replacement.  So, it is better to have a shock that is easy to install and you can replace or upgrade them on your own by using the installation guide coming along the package.

    Perfect fitting

    Size is an important factor in determining the worth of shocks. It is mandatory to look for perfect fitting shocks and struts for your truck. This is because loose or overly tight shocks will be as worst as no shocks and that will be a waste of time and money. Therefore, you must make sure that your shocks are fitting the truck’s hardware assembly perfectly and have no ambiguities in their compatibility with the truck’s model.


    There are plenty of inexpensive and affordable shocks available in the market and therefore, it will not be hard for you to find out a suitable item.  Having a good investment will definitely, leads you to a better product and better shocks but you must give carefully visit product description and price tag. In this way, you can find out the quality and top-performing shock without breaking your purse.


    FAQs – Shocks For Ford F150 2WD

    What are the best shocks for Ford f150?

    SENSEN 4051 are the best shocks for F150 this is because these shock absorbers offer both front and rear struts and are compatible with Ford trucks of 1997 to 2002 models. These are extensively used 2WD F150 shocks and structs.

    Does a Ford f150 have shocks or struts?

    A Ford F150 has both a shock absorber and struts in the suspension system. Shocks are simple shock absorbers with small coils while struts have large oil coils which differentiate them from shock absorbers of the suspension system.

    Are 4WD and 2WD shocks the same?

    Four-wheel drive shocks are generally similar to 2 wheel drive but have a slightly different orientation. 4WD shocks are responsible for shock absorption in all four tires while 2WD shocks act on two tires and the rest two spins without shock absorption.

    Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

    Yes, all 4 shocks should be replaced at the same time. Generally, the shocks are needed to be replaced in pairs but for better handling, control, predictability, and even placement, it is wiser to replace all four shocks at the same time.

    Can you put 4WD shocks on a 2WD truck?

    Both 4WD and 2WD shocks are made up of similar hardware and have the same placement within the truck suspension system. The hardware factory is interchangeable and therefore, 4WD shocks can replace the 2WD.


    In this review article, we have provided you with a detailed review of the top ten shocks and struts for the truck’s suspension system. All of these ten shocks are considered top-class and have better driving experiences than rivals. The durability, comfort, and smoothness of the ride using these shocks in the truck system are commendable. Therefore, any of these items will prove to be a great investment for your vehicle.

    We have also provided you a comprehensive buying guide to help you be informed about the necessary features and traits in the top quality shocks. If you have any queries left, after going through our article, you can go through the FAQ section to resolve your queries.


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