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Best Side Steps For Ram 1500 in 2022 [Top Reviews]

    Car lovers are always in search of advanced accessories, to give their vehicles the latest trendy and comfortable appearance. Day by day, car products get launched in the market, to facilitate more and more, owners, plus to make the vehicle extra reliable.

    One of such accessories is running board side steps. It’s the most important thing to upgrade if you are thinking of upgrading your car. As, it does not add up a stylish and clean look to your vehicle, but also helps in making your in and out process towards the car, easier.

    These running boards also protect the car windows and doors. They come in different styles for different car models and contains distinguished manufacturing material. The market is so full of such distinctive featured products; you can find them suitable for your vehicle.

    This article is for the people in search of top quality best running boards side steps for Ram 1500. But if you don’t want to read the full-length article to make your decision, let’s click on this Top-Pick option Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40078 Running Boards.









    Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40078 Running Boards.


    Made of carbon steel material, comes with easy installation risers


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    APS Drop Steps Running Boards


    Contains aluminum material, contains 300 pounds’ weight


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    Tyger Auto TG-AM2D20078Running Boards


    Manufactured with metal material, 91 pounds’ weight


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    MaxMate WB2D41147 Running Boards


    Have stainless steel material, comes with UV resistant


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    AMP Research PowerStepRunning Boards


    Contains aluminum manufacturing, are automatic


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    TAC Side Steps Running Boards


    Have stainless steel manufacturing, stylish slim design


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    APS Auto Black Running Boards


    Six inches coated structure, best for trucks


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    Drop Running Boards


    Have carbon steel internal manufacturing, wide sized steps


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    YITAMOTOR Running Boards


    Contains stainless steel, have an easy installation system


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    oEdRo Running Boards


    Best for trucks, easy installation system


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    Top 10 Best Running Board side steps for Ram 1500


    This product is made while keeping quality control in mind. It offers full protection to your steps to avoid any kind of accident. The material used in its production is of decent quality and ensures durability hence enable your vehicle to stand out among others.

    These bars can handle every step with their excellent built. They weigh 36 pounds along with 86.61 x 5.51 x 13.39 inches of dimensions. the product is manufactured with an optimal combination of carbon and alloy steel that makes them durable and reliable.

    These step bars have a simple bolt-on installation process. This feature makes them hassle-free as you won’t be needing any kind of drilling. These non-slip step pads provide safe entry and exit and the UV resistance makes sure that there is no decoloring over time.

    What’s more, they have gone through a three-step process to ensure that there is better rust resistance. The ‘E-Coat’ inside and outside of these 4-inch-wide bars with Dual-Stage Gloss Black Powder enables them to remain in perfect condition and ensure strength durability.


    • Nonslip step pads to ensure the safety of steps
    • UV resistance to prevent decoloring with time
    • Rust-resistant making them highly durable
    • Bolt-on installation process, no drilling required


    • Installation directions are a bit difficult

    To put it simply, if you are trying to find side step bars that keep your passenger safe and can stand every step perfectly then you should go for these. They ensure high strength durability and are rust-resistant. They are compatible with a wide range of vehicles.


    This product made our list of Best Running Board Side Steps for Ram 1500 because of its unique appearance and optimal performance that makes it best among its counterparts. These sidebars are highly durable and easy to install saving you trouble and time.

    APSDrop Steps Running Boards weigh only 48.9 pounds and have 84.25 x 11.42 x 7.09 inches of dimensions making them compatible with Ram 1500 2009-2018 Crew Cab & Ram 2500/3500 2010-2021. These bars are manufactured to support 300lbs. of weight.

    These have a patented pocket style which makes them own every road they are on and gave them a tough and aggressive look. High-quality Aluminum is used in their manufacturing. This enables them to have excellent rust resistance and high durability.

    These square step bars are coated with three layers of black powder to ensure perfect appearance and performance. In comparison to steel rockers, they are more MPG friendly with better fuel economy making them ideal for light-duty urban use with APS design.


    • Top-quality Aluminum protects against rusting
    • Offers better fuel efficiency and functioning
    • Super easy to install without trouble
    • Have triple-layer black powder-coated for tough appearance


    • Hardware is a bit light


    This product makes your vehicle look tougher and stand out among others on the road.  The patented design allows you to step in and out of your beloved vehicle with great comfort and style. Rust resistance will make them more durable for long time usage.


    This product is a perfect addition to your vehicle as it allows you and your passenger to step in and out of the vehicle comfortably. These step bars outlast the counterparts with additional qualities and triple tube design is engineered specifically to ensure durability.

    These step bars are slightly heavy in comparison to others of their kind but are also more efficient in their performance. These bars weigh 91 pounds and have dimensions of 88.58 x 12.6 x 18.5 inches. They are compatible with Crew Cab with 4 full-size doors.

    They offer ideal protection for the underside from any damaging impacts with their Dual girder system which adds a great deal to its amazing features. Each side of the step bars has a weight capacity of up to 500 LBS that makes it more suitable for pickup trucks & SUVs.

    The 2inch diameter tubes have sealed end caps to make sure that all the dust and water remain out and ensures that the board lasts longer than others. The’E-Coat’ inside & out and dual-stage black powder-coated sidebars, ensure maximum resistance against rust.


    • Dual girder system for maximum protection
    • Each side have up to 500 LBS weight capacity
    • Bolt-On installation for saving time
    • sealed end caps keep dust and water out


    • Finishing seems to have issues

    All in all, these metal step pads add protection to tour vehicle and allow comfortable in and out of the vehicle. Made with heavy-duty material, they ensure optimal performance and are highly durable. They are quite easy to install and offer amazing rust resistance.


    If you are looking for custom-built style sidebars for your SUVs or trucks then you can give these a thought. They offer maximum comfort in and out and give your vehicle a stunning look. Made with top-notch material these step bars are definitely worth the price.

    As for the wight, they are quite lightweight than most of their counterparts with only 42.9 pounds. They have 78 x 7 x 12 inches of dimensions. despite being lightweight, each sidebar has a high weight capacity making them ideal for your Pickup truck and vehicles.

    Furthermore, heavy-duty 4-inc stainless steel is used in its production to ensure high durability. To provide extra protection to your beloved vehicle, they feature welded stainless steel end caps so all the dust and water remain outside the side step bars.

    These step bars are wide enough to ensure comfortable access to the truck. The non-slip feature makes them easy and safe to step on. They are UV resistant to ensure that the bars won’t get decolored with time. Easy bolt-on installation lessens another big trouble.



    • Offers additional protection with welded stainless steel end caps
    • Wide step pads with a non-slip feature
    • UV resistance to prevent decoloring
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel for durability


    • Product may get scratches easily

    Make your vehicle stand among others with these highly durable and efficient side step bars. The nonslip stainless-steel structure and UV resistance ensure you get the maximum comfort making it one of the tops among the Best Running Board Side Steps for Ram 1500.


    The thing that makes it stand among others in this list of Best Running Board Side Steps for Ram 1500, is that these step bars are electrically powered. This feature adds a great deal to its benefits.  With these, climbing in your vehicle won’t feel like climbing a high mountain.

    These running boards weigh 56 pounds along with 81 x 13 x 8 inches of dimensions. They are black that look good with every vehicle. It is manufactured with die-cast aluminum alloy that ensures high strength with an anodized component for optimal durability.

    To make sure that the running boards won’t get damaged easily, these side step bars feature a military-spec finish. This helps to prevent the material from corrosion. They offer all-weather performance with their self-lubricating bushings saving you a lot of trouble.

    Talking about the operation, when you open the door of your vehicle, they instantly extend so you can step easily in and out of the vehicle. After the door is closed, they immediately hideout of sight with safety. Precision pivot pins ensure extremely solid stability.


    • Electrically powered for maximum comfort
    • Feature optimal corrosion resistance
    • Top-quality used in production
    • Improved ground clearance and reliability


    • A bit difficult to install

    In the end, these electrically-powered rubbing boards are maintenance-free and ensure rock-solid stability. The aluminum alloy offers high strength and keeps the steps free from corrosion enabling them to last longer and deliver maximum performance with comfort.


    This product is lightweight and is ultra-strong with a well-built structure that ensures comfortable steps in and out of the vehicle. These running boards are specially designed for Trucks and SUVs. They are easy to install and offer resistance against rust and crease.

    Talking about the weight, they are not heavy at all with being just 43.9 pounds along with 78 x 19 x 5 inches of dimensions. Top-notch stainless steel is used in production and the brackets are custom made. These side steps are 3 inches wide and offer a non-slip feature.

    These side steps provide extra protection to your vehicle and allow comfortable steps in and out.  The double-layer finish ensures that the step bars are highly rusting resistant enabling them to be more durable. They won’t get scratches easily with mirror polish.

    To prevent these step bars from decoloring, they are made UV resistant with Glosses black powder coating finish. The bars are extremely easy to install. You don’t need to drill holes or go through a tough journey as no cutting and drilling are required in their installation.


    • Wide side steps with a non-slip feature
    • Maximum protection against rust and crease
    • Bolt-on installation, no drilling required
    • Comes with custom made brackets


    • Seems to have fitting problems

    These running boards are specially designed for passenger cars and trucks. They are made with ultra-strong material to ensure their long-time usage and extreme reliability. The rust, crease, and UV resistance add a great deal to their already long list of amazing features.

    These sidebars ensure an excellent fit and have a high weight capacity.  They have a sturdy built and are made with high-quality material which makes them more durable and reliable than others. These bars are a great combination of good looks and optimal performance.

    This product weighs 90.2 pounds and has 91 x 19 x 9 inches of dimensions. The passenger or driver-side board can stand 300 LBS which makes it prominent among the Best Running Board Side Steps for Ram 1500. They come in matte black color giving them tough look.

    These bars have a unique design and are Powder Coated for an excellent appearance. They are 6 inches wide which ensures that you can access your vehicle easily and comfortably without any accident. These running boards are 100% rust free making them durable.

    Moreover, you can easily modify the step bars according to your vehicle’s need with just a few tricks. They feature bolt-on installation so you don’t need to spend hours to install as there is no cutting or drilling required which makes the installation task much easier.


    • Offers excellent fit and durability
    • 6-inch-wide step for comfortable access
    • 100% rust resistance for longer use
    • Easy and quick bolt-on installation


    • Installation instructions are not clear enough

    This product can be a good option for people who are looking for side steps that can fit perfectly and can stand heavyweight. These running boards have a unique built with comfortable access to the vehicle.  The rust resistance enhances their durability.


    These drop running boards contain 45 pounds’ weight and 87 x 10 x 7 inches dimensions. Plus, their size comes along with four inches step and three inches’ bar and has a matte black color appearance. These factors make it a catchy item for the customers.

    The most enhancing feature of this product is its manufacturing material, which is carbon steel. This carbon steel coating along with the matte black color makes it a premium item to buy. Plus, its step pads are perfect nonslippery because of the non-slip special thread.

    These running boards are compatible with 2010 to 2020 (Ram 2500 / 3500) crew cab, 2009 to 2018 (Ram 1500) crew cab and incl. 2019 to 2020 (Ram 1500) classic. These compatibilities make it one of the top running board side steps.

    The drop-off steps of this product are quite wide (3.5 inches) making it a comfortable running board that provides an easy entrance and exit process. Also, it can hold up to 350 pounds’ weight at a single time (maximum strength).


    • Contains carbon steel (heavy duty) coating
    • Simple step installation process
    • Size contains four inches’ steps and three inches’ bar
    • Have a matte black catchy appearance


    • Little modification is needed over clip nuts

    These matte black highly carbon steel coated running boards can be a perfect addition to add a comfortable look to your vehicle. Their wide steps make the process of entry and exit much easier. That’s why you can rely on this product for the best results.


    This is another high-quality running board pair with lots of benefits. It comes along the weight 52.8 pounds and 85.04 x 9.45 x 9.06 inches dimensions. It contains stainless-steel interior and exterior manufacturing, which makes it strong enough to rely on.

    These running board side steps can be used for / or are compatible with 2019 to 2021 (Ram 1500) crew cab, but 2019 classics are excluded. This compatibility makes it a super friendly item for the latest vehicles and provides trendy features.

    These running boards are structure with durable and strong material. First of all, they are based on powder coating that works as a rust-resistant element, then stainless steel material is used for its manufacturing, which makes it a durable product for years.

    The product further contains six inches step pad with non-slip injection, making it a strong and easy holding product. On which you can step in and out quite easily, even if you jump over it, it remains stable, as its design is strong too in addition to comfort.


    • Contains stainless steel manufacturing
    • Have a capacity of about 450 Ib.
    • Comes with six inches’ large size step pads
    • No drilling process is required for its installation process


    • The bottom channels are quite sharp

    These running boards stand among top-rated products because of their catchy and trendy feature structures. Plus, their set contains two running boards, hardware (relevant), six brackets, and an installation instruction copy with complete details.


    This OEdRo running board is one of the best running board side steps for Ram 1500, because of advanced quality manufacturing and features. It comes along the weight 76.1 pounds and 86.22 x 14.17 x 5.7 inches dimensions, also the weight limit is 300 pounds.

    The most important and catchy feature of this product is that it’s a perfectly durable and reliable item, comes with the manufacturing of heavy-duty thick tubes (unique formation), plus they also provide protection from corrosion as well as gives the strength.

    These running boards are designed to get fit with trucks, that’s why have heavy strong manufacturing. They are compatible perfectly with 2019 to 2021 (Ram 1500), excluding the classic ones. They can easily hold up to three hundred pounds, which is efficient.

    These running boards contain a structure that is six inches wide, non-slippery, rust-proof, and is strong enough to hold perfectly. Plus, these boards can be easily installed without using the drill and can be installed easily by reading the instructions.


    • Contains heavy thick tube manufacturing
    • Have six inches wide comfortable structure
    • Contains a seven-layer carton professional design
    • No drilling procedure is needed for its installation


    • Center bracket fitting is a little tricky

    This set of running board is perfectly designed for the latest heavy vehicles (trucks) and can easily hold up to 300 pounds’ weight at a single time. The package includes two running boards, hardware, mounting brackets, and an instruction book for the installation process.


    Buying Guide

    Running board side steps can be a good addition to your vehicle, as they can increase the length of steps plus can make the entry and exit towards the vehicle easier. Plus, they can give a high-quality appearance to your vehicle and makes it the latest catchy item.

    In the above article (paragraphs of the article) we have explained few top-rated high-quality running boards along with a detailed description of their features. Now, let’s move towards what are the key points to keep in mind while buying a running board.


    • Material with which the board is constructed

    First and foremost of all check out the material of a running board while buying it. Because a running board is going to hold weight if it is made of some soft material it’ll get cracked so easily and may get scratches within no time.

    So, prefer the running board pair that contains high-quality strong manufacturing like stainless steel or aluminum, as they remain strong for a long time and can’t get scratches easily. On the other hand, material like plastic can not be trusted for your top-quality vehicle.


    • Size of the running board/steeping pad size

    Another thing to consider in mind while buying is the size in which a running board is coming. Because you are going to place your feet over it every time you are going to use it, so the comfortable size is going to feel more comfortable.

    A wide range size stepping pad like six inches (wide step size) can be a good option to buy, as you can perfectly place your feet over it and the in and out the process of the car can be proved easy over them. Plus, this size makes its appearance quite catchy.


    • Style of the running board

    Style, in which you are buying your running board is also quite important. Running boards come in different size ranges like traditional, side steps, nerf bars, etc. These sizes have their benefits and can suit different vehicle sizes and styles.

    First, have a keen look over your vehicle and its size, then select the running board type, which you consider will best suit your vehicle. Because large size trucks need a different style than the car, as they require heavy manufacturing material and design.


    • Length of the running board

    Another quite efficient element, to note while choosing the best running board is the length of it. As the length of the running board should be compatible with the vehicle itself. Because if you select a small length then it’ll look odd over the vehicle.

    Also, the extra-large size length of the running board will give a pathetic appearance to the vehicle. So much choose the right size length for your car or truck, which can add a catchy appearance to your truck and makes it an advanced vehicle.


    • Installation process

    The installation process is one of the most important things to note about the running board side steps. Complex installation processes make the work difficult and tiring, plus they can also damage some parts of the vehicle.

    Like, high drilling installation processes damage the car area plus needs extra time, which makes the customer irritated. So, look at the installation process of a vehicle before buying it. For instance, small drilling or no drilling installation is perfect to choose.


    • Weight capacity of a running board

    One of the chief elements to note down about a running board is its weight capacity. As it plays a large role in its durability and reliability. The weight capacity selection also depends on the type of vehicle for which you are buying a running board.

    The ideal weight range depends upon the type like large size cars or trucks etc. But the ideal weight capacity ranges between 300 to 550 Ibs. Under this weight range, the manufactured running board acts as a reliable product to buy.



    • What are the best side steps for trucks?

    In our listed products Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40078 side steps stand at the top position and are considered the best side steps for trucks. As they come along with nonslip step pads that ensure the safety of steps and provides more comfort.

    Plus, have UV resistance to prevent decoloring with time, rust-resistant makes them highly durable and compatible for long run usage. Also, contains a Bolt-on installation process, and no drilling process is required, or you can say that they have an easy installation procedure.


    • Do trucks look better with running boards?

    Yes, other than the comfort which the running board pair provides to the truck, they also give a catchy and more attractive look to a truck. Their highly designed structure not only makes the contact to truck easier but also gives it an advanced level look.

    When you look at your truck from a side view, they look amazing and comfortable to the eyes. Plus, some running boards come with amazing color appearances like matte black, black and silver, etc. which looks quite appealing.


    • What are the best running boards for trucks?

    Among this article products, OEdRo Running Boards are the best running boards for trucks. As they are strong enough to rely on and comes with lots of benefits. Like they contain heavy thick tube manufacturing, which is perfect over trucks.

    Also, they have six inches wide comfortable structure that comes with a seven-layer carton professional design and require no drilling procedure for their installation procedure. Most of all they can hold up to 300 pounds weight, which is quite attractive.


    • How much do side steps cost?

    In general, a good quality side step pair comes in between $50 TO $200, which is quite a reasonable price. But few side steps that cost a little more than this come along with some extra benefits and also stay for long run usage.


    This article about the Best Running board side steps for Ram 1500 is written after great research and a collection of top-rated reviews. The products here for discussion are selected among so many high-quality products, because of their high ending features and durability.

    The article also contains a top-pick option and column at the start, to give you an overview of the whole writing, in case if you are running out of time and need to make a quick decision. Plus, the buying guide and FAQs part help a lot in making the perfect selection.


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