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10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews]

    Want to upgrade your truck? The very first thing you should do is finding the best suspension system. Because it makes not only the ride even and safe, but it enhances the ability of the vehicle to brake, corner, and manoeuvre smoothly. A good suspension system decreases the impact of jolts and in return increase the durability of the vehicle.

    The shock absorbers, in other words, dampers have hydraulic press technology to shudder the suspension movement of your vehicle. This results in fewer vibrations mean an increase in your comfort and truck’s life. The science behind this suspension system says the transfer of one energy to another form.

    Getting a new shock absorber for the truck is hectic, you need to take care of certain things. But no need to worry. We are here with this article to answer all your concerns and we are sure that by the end of this article you’ll choose the best truck suspension for Smooth Ride as per your vehicle needs.

    In the end, you’ll find a helpful buying guide, it has some factors which must be observed to get a wonderful product.

    Want to save time? Go and buy our top pick Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Front Shock Absorber. It has a monotube design to give extra smoothness and comfort on normal and bumpy roads. And holds the consistent power to maintain the vehicle under heavy load. Also, the intelligent system adapts the functionality according to the severe drive conditions.

    Reviews Of The Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride

    Here is the specification table of our 10 suspension systems to give you a better idea of each product’s specific feature, so you can choose the best one for your truck.


    Best Truck Suspension For Smooth RideFeatures


    Monroe MA822 Adjust Shock AbsorberHeavy gauge calibrated springCheck Price
    Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Front Shock AbsorberStable shock absorberCheck Price
    Monroe 58620 Monroe Load Adjust Shock AbsorberFluon banded pistonCheck Price
    ACDelco 530-301Premium Gas Charged Front Shock AbsorberO ring hydraulic piston sealsCheck Price
    Gabriel 43167 Rear Load CarrierGreat stretching abilityCheck Price
    Gabriel 49235 HijackerAir adjustable shock absorberCheck Price
    KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas ShockZing coated piston steel ringCheck Price
    ACDelco 580-435 GM Front Shock AbsorberAmazing dampen performanceCheck Price
    Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock AbsorberHardened and chromed pistonCheck Price
    ACDelco 525-21 Heavy Duty Rear Shock AbsorberArc welded end mountsCheck Price


    1. Monroe MA822 Max-Air Adjust Shock Absorber

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 1

    Offering a smooth ride experience this Monroe MA822 shock absorber serves your vehicle best. It adjusts steadily, adapting to the various situations of streets. It is best for heavy trucks. If your truck carries a heavy load daily, this shock absorber will be excellent for it.

    It’s one of the excellent features is the fluid that functions like a wonder. The fluid has an All-weather feature that helps greatly in decreasing the force of friction, which helps the rod to slide with the vehicle smoothly. Consistent performance is another advantage you’ll get with this Monroe shock absorber.

    The advanced valve system placed in this shock absorber has great adjusting ability according to the different accommodations of the road. Also, its piston is Fluon banded, which acts as a seal between the piston and pressure, which increases the chances of a durable ride. For your safety, it has an exclusive Safe technology system, you’ll get the benefit of this system in most tough situations.


    • Heavy-gauge calibrated spring
    • Hardened and precision rod
    • All-weather fluid
    • Full displaced valving


    • No airline fittings
    • Need some engineering improvements

    Why is it on our list? The Monroe adjustable shock absorber offers an uncompromised smooth ride. Hard and precision rods not only offer consistent performance but ground rod gives the truck a long life. Ultra-safe and amazing durable are some key features, they enhance the chance of safety and give you a comfortable journey.


    2. Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Front Shock Absorber

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 2

    They particularly design its special piston technology to react smoothly to sudden changes in the road, reducing the roughness. This helps the driver greatly in maneuvering the vehicle with great ease. Its advanced shock absorber put an end to excess bouncing, making the journey smooth with no hurdles.

    Bilstein’s monotube design comprises all essential parts in just one tube that means the position valve and gas are in a single shape. It can increase the efficiency of a vehicle 30 times more with this monotube. The advanced system gives maximum traction to the vehicle which results in precise handling and maximum safety.

    It won’t just upgrade the ride quality it will improve the whole vehicle system by restoring its original characteristics. It holds consistent power work steadily under heavy load. These absorbers have an intelligent system that changes their position automatically as the speed and velocity of the truck change. The comprehensive availability of this shock absorber is an additional benefit in case you may want some help or guidance with the installation.


    • Easy installation system
    • Mono-tube design
    • Stable shock absorber
    • Excellent value for money


    • High speed can damage seals
    • Don’t last for many years

    Why is it on our list? Our top pick Bilstein 5100 series absorb shocker stands proudly among others because of the superb smoothness it gives to the vehicles, especially heavy loaded trucks. Its monotube design is its uniqueness that can restore the entire vehicle to a new one. If you wish to get this suspension system, you must do it with full confidence, with no concerns.


    3. Monroe 58620 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 3

    Providing super comfort in daily riding, this Monroe 58620 shock absorber offers complete control over heavy vehicles like trucks in hectic and demanding conditions. A special heavy-gauge calibrated coil spring gives maximum performance, with no increase in roughness of the ride. Results in no damage to your precious truck on bumpy roads.

    For improved riding experience, a nitrogen gas-charged suspension system maintains contact between the tire and road by lessening the aeration. Apart from these features, it also has a special self-lubricating fluid seal, made to hold on gas with no excessive use of friction. Fluon banded piston results in maintaining better control for many years in the future.

    Also contains great modifiers for less use of friction, ensuring a flushed reaction of the rod. The best feature of this shock absorber is the full displaced valving, particularly tuned for each application, automatically adjusts to rough road situations to offer you consistency and comfort in ride. It assists greatly in maintaining the height of the ride when the truck is heavily loaded.


    • Fluon banded piston
    • Heavy gauge calibrated coil spring
    • Innovative valving
    • All-weather fluid


    • Loud noise problem
    • Works great with light trucks

    Why is it on our list? For lightweight trucks, it will be an amazing investment for years. That will maintain your control and give a comfortable, smooth ride. This durable shock absorber with all-weather fluid reduces friction and increases consistency in the performance of tires. It serves best if you want to increase your vehicle durability.


    4. ACDelco 530-301Professional Premium Gas Charged Front Shock Absorber

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 4

    ACDelco premium gas-charged shock absorber has a hardened piston rod that offers smooth, self-lubricating, and scratch-resistant surface works greatly to increase seal life. For reducing fluid aeration it has a gas charged system, results in consistent control, less foaming, and better response compared to nongas charged shocks.

    O ring hydraulic piston seals reduce the piston blow and provide better control during tough situations that require extra performance. Its mandrel pressure cylinder has high-quality sealing properties, reducing the internal usage of friction to a satisfactory extent. The less usage of friction usually increases the durability of the vehicle.

    Also, the full perimeter piston rod slip has the quality to remain lubricated permanently, to keep away the dirt elements and contaminates from the rod. The premium road response valving technology automatically responds to the changing road situations with no need for any assistance. This technology helps in maintaining a smooth drive, whether you are driving on a normal road or a bumpy road with hurdles.


    • Brings excellent change
    • Affordable price
    • O ring hydraulic piston seals
    • Self-lubricated


    • Sometimes be stiffed
    • No cushion

    Why is it on our list? The ACDelco’s shock absorber performs its responsibility impressively. Smooth ride and impressive control over the truck, you can achieve this with these amazing shocks. And the automatic valving technology maintains the vehicle in tough situations in which keeping control becomes quite difficult.


    5. Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 5

    Gabriel rear load carriers are the exact needed combination of shock and spring technology, which is a great solution to the height problem in heavily loaded trucks. It features a chromed piston rod that offers corrosion resistance for the durability of the vehicle. It can also help in maintaining proper seal lubrication to give a more consistent wear surface.

    It can reduce the risk of bottoming out with this shock absorber, it also offers maintained control by increasing the speed of break and corner to help the driver further. The leak-proof seal of the piston extends the life of the suspension system, compiling durable companionship between the heavy truck and itself.

    It has drawn over mandrel tubing to reduce friction usage for extended product life. It also can give an extra lift to trucks supporting the heavyweight, which gives you a comfortable driving experience, especially on the roads with tough conditions. The process of installing these shocks is on the upper ease level, it’ll feel like a breeze with no complications and whatsoever.


    • Backed with great customer service
    • Additional hose
    • Easy to install
    • Great stretching ability


    • Inferior quality of airlines
    • Could leak

    Why is it on our list? The great feature of this product is drawn over the mandrel tubing system, which increases the durability of the vehicle by decreasing the internal friction use as much as possible. It is an ideal suspension for heavily loaded trucks, as this one doesn’t let the vehicle bottoming out.


    6. Gabriel 49235 Hijacker

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 6

    Gabriel hijacker is the original shock absorber, and easily adjustable according to the situations the truck has to face on normal and bumpy roads. The customizable support and ability to perform certainly in heavily loaded situations save your ride from swaying. Results in maintaining the truck height and also your valuable safety.

    Hijackers inflate the tires, air them up during heavy loading, and thus the chances of bottoming out will be reduced to the infinity level. The chrome-plated piston rod acts as a stable seal, providing the required durability to the vehicle. Its draw over the mandrel monotube design allows only a small amount of friction required for smooth driving.

    Air adjustable shock absorber helps you in keeping a good amount of control on the heavily loaded trucks. If you want the experience of safe riding, simply add or remove air according to the weight. This absorber’s special feature is, in situations of loading it maintains the height of the truck and reduces the vehicle sway. It holds the capacity of up to 1000lbs per pair.


    • Ease at installation
    • Great for heavy trucks
    • Air adjustable shock absorber
    • Reduces risk of bottoming out


    • Airline kit not included
    • Insufficient installation kit

    Why is it on our list? Apart from its installation kit, the performance of this absorber is worth the money. The excellent feature of maintaining the height of a heavily loaded truck on rough roads can save your truck’s durability. This feature also provides you with the experience of a smooth ride and ultimate safety.


    7. KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shock

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 7

    With the maximum upgrade, this KYB MonoMax gas shock offers 40% more damping than other shock absorbers. This heavy-duty monotube shock absorber is specially designed for heavy trucks, providing the opportunity of having complete control of handling the vehicle in tough conditions. This great suspension system upgrades the truck system, making it completely whole new.

    Trucks are the one among other vehicles, to face the rough weather and road conditions daily. They need the tough shocks that help them support the heavyweight and at the same also maintain the height of the ride. The KYB MonoMax suspension system has all the required durability and strength with its monotube design that easily beats other shock absorbers’ s performance.

    The zing-coated piston ring with stainless steel performs as the best seal in extreme temperature conditions and increases the long life of the vehicle. And to protect the seal, this shock absorber has a rubber boot to safeguard the shaft by keeping all the dirt and debris away from the seal. In situations of extreme loading, this absorber performs its purpose best by giving additional stability to the truck, making the ride safe and smooth.


    • Zing coated piston steel ring
    • Off-road dust boot
    • Truck monotube design
    • Capacity to lift heavyweight


    • Sometimes knocking sound
    • Needs better, figment

    Why is it on our list? As already mentioned, this monotube design absorber is especially for heavy trucks. Providing stability and ability to maintain the heavyweight with upgraded damping performance. It also saves the truck from the worst scenario of bottoming out with its ability to give an extra lift to the truck.


    8. ACDelco 580-435 GM Original Equipment Front Shock Absorber

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 8

    The ACDelco GM front shock absorbers are a recommended replacement suspension system to upgrade the truck for better comfort, speed, and save the vehicle from damage. Like others, it also offers complete control of your vehicle with its capacity to absorb and dampen road input into the vehicle’s suspension system. This great damping system allows the high energy to be absorbed in the truck’s suspension system easily.

    These absorbers have electronically adjustable technology that contains electromagnetic valves. That adjusts the durability of shocks according to the conditions of driving. Furthermore, its premium quality chromed piston adds an extra smoothness to the ride and self-lubricating surface. Self-lubrication keeps the piston corrosion-free and long-lasting too.

    This great shock absorber is originally designed by GM, making it a great replacement for the original suspension system. After installing this suspension system, you’ll have a smooth driving experience with no worry as it performs up to the standards. You’ll get all the necessary equipment and hardware in the installation kit to provide you with a much easier process.


    • GM-recommended and manufactured
    • Amazing dampen performance
    • Provides complete control
    • Electromagnetic valves


    • Costly than others
    • Inferior stretching ability

    Why is it on our list? This absorber is originally manufactured by GM, which means it has all the original characteristics of the suspension system required for maintenance and smooth performance. Easy installation is greatly beneficial, making the process like a flow of breeze.


    9. Monroe Shocks and Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber

    10 Best Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride in 2022 [Top Reviews] 9

    Long service life and consistent performance are easily accessible to this Monroe shocks and struts reflex shock absorber. Because of its bronzed reinforced rod guide bearing and special seal, this absorber offers long product life and a smooth ride. For reduced friction use, it has special modifiers that limit excessive friction for smooth rod performance.

    With the help of its special ASD technology, innovative valving gives complete control over the handling of trucks and hence gives a safe ride with comfort. Its special dust boot keeps any moisture from buildup and reduces the dirt to prevent severe suspension movement. The limited suspension movement allows each wheel to move independently.

    Moreover, to maintain the consistent sealing between the piston and pressure tube, the fluid banded piston is given in this suspension system for increased durability and better control. A high-pressure gas charge helps in delivering concise and consistent responses. It reduces the body roll rate in evasive maneuvers and sudden turns, providing safety, comfort, and better control.


    • Hardened and chromed piston
    • Unique rod seal
    • Protective dust boot
    • Increase the life of the vehicle


    • Rusting after some time
    • Not offer much on bumpy roads

    Why is it on our list? For light to slightly heavy trucks, this suspension system works great in providing amazing handling, superb control, comfortable and safe ride. It also increases the durability of vehicle performance by maintaining the proper seal between the piston and pressure tube. It might not work great on heavy trucks.


    10. ACDelco 525-21 Heavy Duty Rear Shock Absorber

    This shock absorber works amazingly on heavy vehicles like trucks and SUVs. ACDelco has a quite famous reputation for giving super comfort, control, and durability of lightweight vehicles. This ACDelco’s heavy-duty rear shock absorber keeps the truck’s safety prioritized and offers comfort driving to maintain the suspension. Its larger body has the capacity for increased fluid and cool running of vehicles in long tough rides.

    The super finished, chromed iron piston and compression head give super durability. And for extra stability and strength, it has an extra-large piston bore and piston diameter. That ensures the smooth rod reaction. It also helps in maintaining the weight of the vehicle to reduce the risks of bottoming out by giving extra uplift to the truck.

    The arc welded end mounts are there to give the truck maximum strength to even out its height and give smooth, comfortable riding on bumpy and rough road conditions. ACDelco rear shock absorber saves your truck from external damages with its exceptional ability to resist the damaged elements. Making it ideal for daily driving and hauling loads.


    • Bonder iron piston
    • Has increased fluid capacity
    • Arc welded end mounts
    • Proper seal lubrication


    • Not durable such absorbers
    • No strap for holding

    Why is it on our list? This rear shock absorber performs its best to provide you comfortable and safe truck ride. It maintains the vehicle temperature efficiently for the cool running of vehicles on rugged roads. All these features of this suspension system are accessible at an affordable price.


    Buying Guide – Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride

    You must have gone through our list of best truck suspensions for smooth ride. So here, as we promised, we are giving our special buying guide to assist you in what things you must observe before buying the truck suspension. If you consider these things, then in the future we hope you’ll have nothing to worry about.

    After reading the buying guide, we have answered some questions, often asked by people. Look at these too, if you want to clear your concerns and confusion. First, let’s look at our buying guide.

    Decide Where You’ll Drive

    First thing first, it’s important to know where you are going to drive your truck. Consider the routes you must take. Do you want it only for work or are you planning to drive for other reasons too? This thing has more importance than you can think. If you are planning to drive it only on the streets, then first you must bring your attention to its ability and speed to brake, corner, and maneuver. Never skip or forget to observe this factor as it’s important for your safety.

    Consider Your Tire’s Height

    Whenever you plan to buy suspension, go to the details page to know it must be suitable for your tire’s height and width. Section of the product, you’ll see the recommended height and width of tires. Make sure that your truck’s tires match the measurements given by the manufacturer. Otherwise, there is a high chance that it would waste your money and time on the wrong suspension.

    Premium Or Economy Kit

    Want to save your money and don’t want any trouble? Then go for an economy kit because this kit has all the essential adjustments you must upgrade for a super-smooth ride. Premium lifts are more expensive and need heavy adjustments, which take more time and comes with unnecessary adjustments irrelevant to the lift.

    Sway Bar Consideration

    Lift Kit often comes with sway bar link extensions and sway bar disconnects. It helps in safe driving, especially if your vehicle has a coal lift. Sway Bar limits the axle, with sway bar disconnects you can disengage the axle which makes your journey smoother and safe. It’ll also be there when you need a bit of sway bar in particular situations like the aggressive performance of the coil spring lift.

    Coil Spring Lifts

    Coil spring lifts works as a longer coil spring. If you want a spacer lift, it would be the best decision as it needs only a minor adjustment and also less expensive. The ride quality will enhance with coil spring lifts and maintain the truck’s weight and height in tough conditions. It offers similar advantages to the factory spring lifts but could cost you more.

    Right Shock Absorber

    Picking the right shock for a specific truck type might be big trouble. Because each one has specific features that function differently in various trucks. To solve this tricky problem, the adjustable shock absorber is the right solution. Adjustable one has it all your truck system may require for smooth riding and offer you great handling in rough conditions. It adapts the performance to tough and normal driving conditions.

    All the above factors have enormous importance in the efficient suspension system. Before you decide to buy, consider these factors and compare two to three suspension systems to know which one sounds suitable for your truck’s needs. Then choose an effective suspension system to bring quality smoothness to your truck ride.

    FAQs – Truck Suspension For Smooth Ride

    What does suspension do for a truck?

    The very first thing suspension does for a truck is provide a smooth ride. This also helps in keeping your control over the truck, which enhances the quality of safe driving.

    How can I make my truck ride smoother?

    Soften your suspension system to make the truck ride smoother. For this, you can install a new suspension system in your truck. You can also change the wheels and tires of the truck to get some quality smoothness.

    Which suspension system is best?

    Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber is the best suspension system you are going to find in the market. We have shared all its beneficial features and how it helps in making the ride safer and smoother.

    Will new shocks make the ride smoother?

    New shocks don’t just make the ride smoother, but it also does much more than this. It makes corners and breaks like new ones. And the most important thing your safety, it provides a safe ride.

    What shocks give the smoothest ride?

    Our top pick Beilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Front Shock Absorber gives the smoothest ride on heavily loaded vehicles. Its monotube design upgrades the whole truck system, increasing the durability and performance quality.


    Here are the article ends. We have shared our recommended best truck suspension for a smooth ride, how their features help in making truck rides safe and even. What pros and cons each product holds. Also, we shared our buying guide to consider essential factors to look out for in suspension systems. Furthermore, the answers to FAQs are also available in this article to help you in removing your concerns and doubts. These all will make sure that you don’t get the bad one, which will be of no use.

    Hope that all these will assist you in getting the best truck suspension for a smooth ride. Decide the best and analyze its features again, to remove every bit of doubt in buying the best and better. When you’ve done all these, ahead to the website and order the one soon. Give extra attention to the specific size because most of the time people order without knowing about the accurate vehicle size. All the best for upgrading your vehicle to make the journey comfortable and smoother and most important, take care of your safety.


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